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Šime Vidas

Editor at the Open Web Platform Daily Digest

Eric Bailey

Inclusive design and accessibility advocate. Recovering curmudgeon.

Jeremy Wagner

Jeremy Wagner is a web developer from Saint Paul, Minnesota. He is the author of the Manning Publications book Web Performance in Action, a companion guide for the performance-minded web developer. Read his meandering ramblings on the web at, or check him out on Twitter @malchata.

Andy Bell

Freelance web designer and educator that co-wrote

Kaloyan Kosev

Front-end-focused engineer, passionate about Web Technologies.

Eduardo Bouças

Software engineer with a crush on the web. Writes, codes and occasionally speaks. Preaches open-source.

Marie Mosley

Writer, Almanac Adjuster, Chief of the Comma Police

Miriam Suzanne

Founder of OddBird, enthusiast for modern CSS, and open-source creator of Sass tools like Susy & True.

Andrés Galante

I am Bootstrap's Core Team member, an Eclipse Foundation Committer and I am currently leading the team that works to improve the developer experience at Auth0. Twitter: @andresgalante

Lara Schenck

Maker of monsters, writer of blog posts, lover of programming in CSS. Pittsburgh, PA.

Andy Adams

Technical Writer, WordPress Aficionado, Patron of Performance

Travis Almand

I tinker, I test, and I implement. I share my thoughts and creations with coworkers and strangers alike.

Jhey Tompkins

Creative coder making awesome things for awesome people!

Daniel Tonon

Daniel Tonon is an innovative multi-award winning interface developer currently working at NTT Canberra. He is a front end specialist and accessibility expert with over 8 years of web development experience. He is also an avid innovator in the open source community.

Brandon Smith

I'm a front-end web developer at Cycorp, Inc, where I'm building tools used to create the next generation of artificial intelligence.

Chris Ferdinandi

Hi, I’m Chris Ferdinandi. I help people learn vanilla JavaScript through my guides, courses, and daily developer tips. I love pirates, puppies, and Pixar movies.

Jeremias Menichelli

Curious mind, developer and writer.

Osvaldas Valutis

Web designer who thinks in code at Kollegorna.

John Rhea

John is a storyteller with design and development skills. He likes cupcakes, the word "falafel" and using zombies to teach web development ( His mom thinks he's very funny.

Sara Soueidan

Shortlisted for Outstanding Contribution of the Year, and named Developer of the Year in the 2015 net awards, Sara Soueidan is a freelance front-end UI/UX engineers, trainer, author and speaker from Lebanon. She works with companies across the globe, building inclusive Web interfaces & experiences with strong focus on accessibility, progressive enhancement and performance. Sara trains teams of designers and developers by running full-day workshops about front-end development— particularly CSS and SVG — both in-house at companies including The Royal Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and Netflix, and at international conferences, where she also speaks about all things front-end. She is also renowned for her in-depth, extensive technical articles that she publishes on her blog and for various online publications. She tweets at @SaraSoueidan.

David Attard

David is an inquisitive web designer who frequently shares his tips and tricks at CollectiveRay. When he's not blogging about web design, some thing he's been into for the last 12 years, he's usually dreaming about his next big thing.

Ruth John

Ruth John is an award nominated digital artist, web consultant, speaker and writer, with 15 years of experience in the digital industry.

Adebiyi Adedotun

Caught in the web, breaking things and learning fast.

Mariana Beldi

Graphic designer & Illustrator. UI/UX developer at

Agney Menon

A Computer Science Engineer in love with ideas and storytelling. Building user interfaces on the web as a career and hobby. Working as a software developer at BigBinary. I'm committed to working towards a positive experience for everyone on the web.

Hugo “Kitty” Giraudel

Non-binary accessibility & diversity advocate, frontend developer, author. Real life cat. They/them.

Luke Harrison

I'm a UX / Front-End Developer & Article Writer from Sheffield UK, working full time by day & freelance by night.

Chris Geelhoed

Software developer and teacher

Silvestar Bistrović

Silvestar Bistrović is a fearless web engineer, CSS developer, JAMstack enthusiast, and WordPress theme specialist. He enjoys creating pixel-perfect, responsive, and modern websites. His focus is on delivering the best experience for users on every device. Making faster, lighter, and more secure sites using WordPress or Static Page Generators is his speciality. When Silvestar is not coding, he likes to write new articles on his blog. Silvestar is working as a freelance web developer remotely from his office in Osijek, Croatia.

Brian Rinaldi

Editor, author and, when I can, I still pretend to be a developer.

Darrell Huffman

Sofware developer with a strong interest in the Universe.

Paulina Hetman

Freelance frontend developer, web designer and trainer.

Knut Melvær

Knut is Head of Developer Relations He also knows how to quit vim.

Adrian Bece

Versatile Frontend developer with extensive eCommerce experience who is currently working as a tech lead.

Louis Lazaris

Front-end developer, author, speaker, and curator of Web Tools Weekly.

Lari Maza

Front-end developer and design systems enthusiast from São Paulo, Brazil. Board gamer, aerialist and minimalist with a lifelong obsession for the color black.

Alex MacArthur

Husband, dad, web developer at Ramsey Solutions in Nashville, TN. Privileged to do what I do for a mission that matters.

Bailey Jones

full stack developer, front-end ninja.

Christopher Schmitt

The Internet's own Christopher Schmitt. Accessibility & Training Specialist at Knowbility, Host of Non Breaking Space Show, author of CSS Cookbook, and more.

Paul Ryan

Hey, I am a Frontend Developer from Ireland. I love things web, and slowly falling in love with SVGs. Always interested in speaking opportunities so feel free to reach out at any of my socials :)

Sandrina Pereira

Sandrina Pereira is a UX Engineer who helps to turn ideas into accessible experiences. In her free time, she loves to push pixels around and share her learnings with the community.

Jon Bellah

Jon is a front-end engineer at TED, where he helps spread ideas worth spreading. He is passionate about all things JavaScript and hails from the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado.

Thomas Yip

Founder at, created Electra, engineering nerd.

Bryan Robinson

Bryan has been creating hand-crafted experiences on the web his entire career. His experience spans from large content-driven news sites to boutique designs for small to medium businesses. He's currently a Developer Advocate for pairing his love of content with his love of education. In the past, he's led agency design and development teams, been a front-end developer and a UX strategist. Bryan also hosts the That's My JAMstack podcasts, where he interviews folks building and building on the Jamstack.

Yaphi Berhanu

I enjoy helping people with code when I can.

Bret Cameron

Writer and developer based in London. By day, I work for insurtech startup YuLife. By night, I write – mainly about JavaScript and web development.

Martijn Cuppens

Lead developer @intracto ( Creator of RFS Bootstrap team member

Deven Rathore

Deven is an Entrepreneur, and Full-stack developer, Constantly learning and experiencing new things. He loves sharing web dev resources on and actively working on projects like Wrappixel

Pedro Rodriguez

Webdev enthusiast - Procrastinator - Currently working on ContainerQ

Tristram Tolliday

Tris is a Creative Technologist at Greenwood Campbell, an Award Winning Digital Agency. He specializes in innovation in the technology sector, to connect brands with their customers.

Leonardo Losoviz

Leonardo Losoviz is an open source developer and technical writer, working on integrating innovative paradigms (including Serverless PHP, server-side components, and GraphQL) into WordPress.

Jay Sitter

Developer, designer, writer

Alvaro Montoro

Web development enthusiast, CSS trickster, 2006 Time Magazine Person of the Year.

Chasen Le Hara

Chasen Le Hara (@chasenlehara) has a decade’s worth of experience as a web developer and is a core contributor to DoneJS, the complete and integrated solution to building high-performance, real-time web, mobile, and desktop applications. He currently works as a developer advocate for Bitovi, a JavaScript consulting company known for making great web apps for Levi’s, Walmart, and other high-profile companies he can’t talk about.

Paolo Mioni

Full-stack developer and consultant with a love for front end. CTO at

Josh Bader

UI Designer, Developer, and CSS Artist.

Lucas Lemonnier

Independent front-end designer

Blake Lundquist

Full-stack developer and educator working to create a healthier, more accessible internet.

Akash Joshi

Software Engineer by profession and author at Flexiple and Love exploring the React ecosystem in my apps and articles.


I’m a Product Designer, who has always (since the days of MySpace at least!) been captivated by the ability to type ‘color: red’ and see the change happen in front of your eyes. Web design/development is something that’s always stuck with me in the back of my head, and now I’m hoping it can become a lifestyle for me. With a background in design, physical and graphical, I hope that I can contribute something to the internet that might just make someone say, ‘that’s pretty neat’.

Ryan Grist

Ryan is the Managing Director of Angle Studios – a web design and UX agency with over 15 years of experience delivering high-quality website services for businesses across Kent and London, UK.

Nino Ross Rodriguez

A Senior UX Developer with nine years of industry experience, specialising in developing pixel perfect websites quickly without sacrificing code quality and ensuring that users have the best UX they can get in a site.

Andrew Spencer

Andrew Spencer is a designer and web developer who carries a unique balance of creativity and logic. Always honing his craft, Andrew seeks out new challenges to push his knowledge of modern CSS, semantic and accessible HTML, and thoughtful design. He is currently a Frontend Designer at Sparkbox, but you can also find him exploring new cities, trails, and slopes with his camera in tow. Follow him on Codepen, Dribbble, or read some of his previous articles.

Alex Lau

Alex Lau is a full stack web developer who has worked at companies of various shapes and sizes, and with technologies just as diverse. After 10 years he has yet to come across a programming language which he doesn’t find intriguing in its own special way. His ambition for development is only matched by his desire to find the perfect meme for every occasion.

TJ Fogarty

Hooked on the command line. It's terminal.

Ronald Mendez

Ronald is an engineer working for the MediaMonks office in Buenos Aires, where he’s gone from building award-winning websites to managing a team of talented front-end developers. He spends some of his free time writing about development and judging fresh digital projects for the FWA.

David Bachmann

Let's move the web forward!

Jurn van Wissen

Remote freelance UI/UX designer and front-end developer. Creator of Screely. Chosen one of the most promising young talents in the Dutch tech industry by The Next Web.

Bernardo Cardoso

I’m Bernardo, graduated in UX/ UI Professional, from Flag, with skills in UX/UI Design and Frontend Development. I also have a Master's Degree in Archaeology, from Universidade de Lisboa. Currently, I’m working as Frontend Developer for OutSystems R&D, in OutSystems UI Team.

Tyler Gaw

Designer and engineer

Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams is a software engineer from Melbourne, Australia who believes the future of technology is serverless. If you’re interested in more from him, check out his Medium articles, or his GitHub repos.

Sally McGrath

I make beautiful things that work.

Dominic Magnifico

Front-End developer with a passion for anything and everything web-dev related.

Pete Barr

Interactive designer

Jack Lenox

Software engineer at VIP

Adam Scott

Adam D. Scott is an engineering manager, web developer, and educator based in Connecticut. He has worked at the crossroads of technology and education for over a decade, teaching and writing curriculum on a range of technical topics. Adam is the author of several books and articles, including Ethical Web Development and JavaScript Everywhere (O’Reilly 2020).

Meredith Matthews

Maniacal front-end javascript antihero behind, maker of games that aren't fun, recovering freelancer, and constantly mad about bad web accessibility. She also won't let you try her fountain pen.


Creative Developer and Generative Artist

Brian Holt

Brian Holt is a front-end developer living in Vancouver, Canada, focused on scalable design systems. His background includes working on large Ruby on Rails apps with React + Redux front-ends and teaching User Experience design. Currently, he’s infatuated with Elm and functional programming, TypeScript, and Serverless. And he’s always in search of tacos and bourbon sours.

Anthony Gore

I'm Anthony Gore and I'm here to teach you Vue.js! Through my books, online courses, and social media, my aim is to turn you into a Vue.js expert. I'm a Vue Community Partner, curator of the weekly Vue.js Developers Newsletter, and the founder of, an online community for web professionals who love Vue.js.

Mark Root-Wiley

WordPress websites for nonprofits in Seattle, WA. Creator of


I develop and design stunning websites • programmer and a bit of a linux guy • hail from the islands of Maldives

Kev Quirk

I’m a cyber security professional and privacy advocate from North West England. I use this blog to write about blogging, technology and web design.

Jonathan Land

Designer and developer at — crafting smart, tailor-made solutions to interesting problems.

Diego Vogel

Designer, developer, founder of Birdboar.

Facundo Corradini

I'm a front-end developer for Argentina, an UX enthusiast, a performance hooligan, and the very best cebador de mates ever. Probably.

Anna Prenzel

Anna Prenzel studied computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz and received her doctorate at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. She is currently working as a lecturer at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz. She is passionate about teaching and loves to observe the progress of her students. Her hobbies include photography, hiking and needlework.

Peter Murray

One half of Every Last Pixel

Bryan Braun

Web designer/developer. I enjoy building side-projects and sharing what I learn.

Juan Martín García

Product Designer, Frontend Developer, Mentor, and Speaker. Passionate about learning new stuff, and helping others learn new stuff. Experimenting with websites since I was 15 years old and Flash was a thing.

Dmitry Sharabin

Hi there! I'm Dmitry, an educator who is fond of front-end web development. Mavo evangelist. I have a passion for making new educational materials.

Geoffrey Crofte

Geoffrey is a pragmatic UX Designer who loves to play with HTML, CSS, and his design tools. Accessibility, performance, PWA and UI Design are also topics he loves to share about on blog post or conference talks.

Daniel Velasquez

Freelance Creative Web Developer, writer, creative coding cultist

Kevin Powell

Teaching people how to make the web and how to make it look good while they are at it (mostly on YouTube).

Timothy Smith

My passion in life is meeting great new people and learning as much as I can about the many things I love! Every day, I find new inspiring things that motivate me to keep moving forward in life and to continue my search for my purpose in life. I believe that my Higher Power put me on this Earth to learn and inspire people to love life.

Julian Merkenich

Data Engineer. Web Enthusiast. Writer.

Giulio Mainardi

Dabbling in front end development

Scott O'Hara

UX developer & designer focused on creating accessible user interfaces

Eric Johnson

Web Developer & Vanquisher of Boring Websites. Also, Caretaker of Llamas and Farmer of Blueberries. Lives near Iowa City, Iowa, USA.

Ido Shamun

Co-Founder, CTO at

Mike Turley

Tinkerer, web developer, bassist, gamer, skier. Developer at @RedHatUXD, core contributor to

Magnus Holm

Magnus Holm is a backend engineer at He’s also known for discovering the XSS-exploit on Twitter back in 2010 that spread like wildfire, and other exploits.

John D. Jameson

Web designer and front-end developer in Orlando, Florida.

Stepan Bolotnikov

Aspiring commit message writer, chia pudding enthusiast.

Laurie Barth

Laurie is a software developer, conference speaker and frequent blogger. During normal business hours she is a consultant at Ten Mile Square. Depending on the day she can be found using any number of technologies from different languages to frameworks and other support tools. When she isn't writing code you can find her playing board games and eating cupcakes.

Michael Romanov

Front end fanatic and friend of all designers. Do magic at Buzzwoo.

Inessa Brown

I am a member of the editorial team at, a mobile app development company based in London. My passion is all aspects of software development with a focus on back-end.

Rachel Nabors

Rachel Nabors began telling stories online as a teenager with her award-winning web comics. Her love of web technologies transformed into a career in front end development, where she has worked with Mozilla, the W3C, and Microsoft to build the web forward. She wrote about the science and challenges of using animation to make great user experiences in her book Animation at Work:

Alex Kempton

Gets trippy with Javascript

Nico Martin

Hi there! My name is Nico and I'm a web-developer passionate about the latest frontend technologies and WordPress. Therefore I love to create outstanding web experiences with a focus on pagespeed performance and accessibility. Oh and I have a thing for the technology behind Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and I like to talk about it.

Tracy Rotton

WordPress technical architect, front-end obsessive, mom, and skier. Loves Oxford commas.

Paulie Scanlon

Front End React UI Developer / UX Engineer: After all is said and done, structure + order = fun

Hugh Haworth

Web developer based in Lower Hutt New Zealand.

David Dias

David Dias is a Front-End UX / UI Developer · Life hacker who ♥ coding, meditation, Paleo diet and solving digital and human problems.

John Macpherson

Keen website builder based in bonnie Scotland.

Andres Sanchez

Creator of The Templace. Web Designer and Heavy Metal fan. Yes, I have a weird personality.

Dave Rupert

I'm Dave Rupert, lead developer at Paravel. I co-host ShopTalk, an award-winning sound effects podcast that also covers web development. I'm a dad to two wonderful kids. I live in Austin, TX; the best damn city, in the best damn state, in the best damn country, in the whole damn world.

Dieter Raber

Dieter Raber is a web developer from Luxembourg with a career that spans over two decades. These days he is working as a trainer and author in the field of online assessment.

Adam Davis

full-time software developer, part-time dumb-things-for-the-internet developer

Bryan Hughes

Bryan Hughes is a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, long-time member of the Node.js and NodeBots communities, and tech activist.

Neale Van Fleet

Lives in Montreal with his failed service dog, two elderly cats, kid, and sweetie. Has happily worked as head designer at Rogue Amoeba making Mac audio apps since 2015. Enjoys working on social, environmental, and political causes in spare time. Occasional wood carver and photographer.

Cliff Hall

Software Architect, Author, Musician, Dude.

Dermot Dooley

Senior Engineering Manager at CarTrawler in Dublin, Ireland.

Mathias Hülsbusch

codes for a living, husband, father of two

Declan Rek

Developer @ de Voorhoede

Steve Keep

Steve Keep has worked in Tech for over two decades, mostly as a software developer. He’s a web enthusiast who finds time to create sites using the latest technology. From IoT, mobile and AI he has been lucky enough to have worked with it all. He blogs about the web at

Marshall Humphries

Experienced Lead Front-End Developer focused on Design, Usability, a11y, i18n, and L10n. Oh, and I like pushing the boundaries of what can be done with CSS, too.

Nick Basile

A Web and Business Artisan

Steffen Bewersdorff

Founder & Frontend Developer keeping it simple.

Kristian Freeman

I make music and write code. Developer advocate Cloudflare Workers, teaching at Bytesized Code on YouTube, building Byteconf and Think Serverless.

Dennis Gaebel

Design Technologist passionate for Open Source, SVG, Typography, Web Animation, Interaction Development & Pattern Based Design.

Adam Silver

Author of Form Design Patterns and interaction designer focused on inclusive design and design systems.

Tyler Williams

Full stack web developer. I'm trying to make the internet a better place. Denver, CO

David Bernegger

is a Web Developer, driven by curiosity and coffee.

Cody Arsenault

Cody is passionate about all things web performance, SEO and entrepreneurship. He is a web performance advocate at KeyCDN and works towards making the web faster.

Jesper Ekstrom

Swedish Web-developer and SEO Specialist!

Sean C Davis

Tinkerer, teacher, sandwich-eater.

Jake Peyser

Jake Peyser writes for appendTo, who offers JavaScript training courses for teams.

Roger Jin

Technical writer and developer at

Jacob Worsøe

Digital analytics specialist with passion for front-end development and making websites. Love blogging about the opportunities of combining front-end coding skills and digital analytics to understand online user behavior in new ways.

Jakob E

Ex-banker turned front end developer in the past century. Coding stuff at

Ray Villalobos

Ray Villalobos is a full-time author and teacher at He is also a speaker and author of the book, Exploring Multimedia for Designers. He has more than 20 years experience in developing and programming multimedia projects. Previously at Entravision Communications, he designed and developed a network of radio station and TV web sites. As a senior producer for Tribune Interactive, he was responsible for designing and for creating immersive multimedia projects and Flash games for the site.

David Fitzgibbon

Creative coder, tea lover, dog enthusiast, sandwich consumer.

Christopher Kirk-Nielsen

Christopher Kirk-Nielsen is a designer turned developer who loves code and '80s aesthetics. When he's got time to spare, he likes to learn, play video games, or make electronica music.

Patrick H. Lauke

Accessibility Specialist at TetraLogical / Co-editor of the W3C Pointer Events and W3C Touch Events Level 2 specifications / WCAG trash panda

George Mandis

Full stack developer, creative technologist, speaker, mentor, traveler & optimist

Kate Holterhoff

Front-end Engineer, Digital Humanities, & 19C Literature. Affiliated Researcher @ Georgia Tech. Director of

Vivek Patel

Loves building stuff with code. Pushing the limits at Netguru.

Kyle Pennell

Jake Peyser writes for appendTo, who offers JavaScript training courses for teams.

Chris House

I'm a web designer and front-end developer from Kansas City.

Francois Lanthier Nadeau

Content Crafter & Strategist @Snipcart.

Carlo Martinucci

Full Stack Developer (Ruby on Rails, React) with a Master degree in Mathematics. And now also iOS (Swift) developer. I am oriented to problem-solving and critical reasoning. Flatland (E.A. Abbott) and Manalive (G.K. Chesterton) are books that changed my life. My alarm clock is K. Jarrett's Köln Concert. I like games, riddles, logic and puns. I appreciate constructive discussions, intellectual honesty, clever and polite irony. I think that computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes (E. Dijkstra), and that’s why I love it.