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Alvaro Montoro

Web development enthusiast, CSS trickster, 2006 Time Magazine Person of the Year.


Playing Sounds with CSS

CSS is the domain of styling, layout, and presentation. It is full of colors, sizes, and animations. But did you know that it could also control when a sound plays on a web page?

This article is about a little trick to pull that off. It’s actually a strict implementation of the HTML and CSS, so it’s not really a hack. But… let’s be honest, it’s still kind of a hack. I wouldn’t recommend necessarily using it in production, where … Read article “Playing Sounds with CSS”


Are There Random Numbers in CSS?

CSS allows you to create dynamic layouts and interfaces on the web, but as a language, it is static: once a value is set, it cannot be changed. The idea of randomness is off the table. Generating random numbers at runtime is the territory of JavaScript, not so much CSS. Or is it? If we factor in a little user interaction, we actually can generate some degree of randomness in CSS. Let’s take a look!… Read article “Are There Random Numbers in CSS?”