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Sandrina Pereira

Sandrina Pereira is a web lover who helps to turn ideas into accessible experiences. Besides being a frontend developer, she has an eternal affair with the design world, so in her free time, she enjoys to push pixels around. When away from the computer’s keyboard, she switches to other types of keyboards, mainly to play piano or video games.


Using Custom Properties to Wrangle Variations in Keyframe Animations

Have you ever wondered how to customize CSS animations keyframes without using any preprocessor feature, like mixins? I keep reaching for preprocessors for this reason, but it would be so nice to drop yet one more dependency and go with vanilla CSS.

Well, I found a way to account for variations within a keyframe animation using nothing but CSS and it’s thanks to custom properties! Let’s learn a little more about how CSS keyframes work and how we … Read article “Using Custom Properties to Wrangle Variations in Keyframe Animations”