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Melanie Sumner


Everything and Nothing

I’ve been thinking about the question for a solid month now. What about building websites has you interested this year? The question pervaded my solitary thoughts and played in the background during my conversations. I’d love to just tell you the answer I’ve come to, but the more interesting part was my thought journey in getting there.

I jumped at the opportunity to write up my thoughts on this because in general, I am delighted to dive into a conversation … Read article “Everything and Nothing”


A Reasonable Approach for Getting Comfortable With Command Line

Considering how much the command line is an integral part of the developer’s workflow, it should not be thought overly difficult or tedious to learn.

At one time I avoided it myself, but one day began teaching myself ways to make the difficult as easy as it should be. I got over the hurdle, and you can too. It was worth investing my time to increase my command line comfort-level, and I am going to share a few tips and … Read article “A Reasonable Approach for Getting Comfortable With Command Line”