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Adrian Bece

Versatile Frontend developer with extensive eCommerce experience who is currently working at PROTOTYP where he creates amazing interfaces with React.


Here’s How I Solved a Weird Bug Using Tried and True Debugging Strategies

Remember the last time you dealt with a UI-related bug that left you scratching your head for hours? Maybe the issue was happening at random, or occurring under specific circumstances (device, OS, browser, user action), or was just hidden in one of the many front-end technologies that are part of the project?

I was recently reminded of how convoluted UI bugs can be. I recently fixed an interesting bug that was affecting some SVGs in Safari browsers with no obvious … Read article “Here’s How I Solved a Weird Bug Using Tried and True Debugging Strategies”


Neumorphism and CSS

Neumorphism (aka neomorphism) is a relatively new design trend and a term that’s gotten a good amount of buzz lately. It’s aesthetic is marked by minimal and real-looking UI that’s sort of a new take on skeuomorphism — hence the name. It got its name in a UX Collective post from December 2019, and since then, various design and development communities have been actively discussing the trend, usually with differing opinions. Chris poked fun at it on Twitter. Adam Giebl … Read article “Neumorphism and CSS”