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How Facebook Avoids Ad Blockers

Dylan Paulus:

Facebook actually hides 'dummy' DOM nodes between the 'Sponsored' text. These values are entirely random characters, with a random number of DOM nodes between them. Invisible characters. At this point our CSS ad blocker is completely broken. There is no way for us to possibly code every possible value in CSS.

We've covered this before when Mike Pan noted it. Looks like it's evolved a bit since then, getting even a little tricker.

I just opened my … Read article


Music and Web Design


A Handy Sass-Powered Tool for Making Balanced Color Palettes

For those who may not come from a design background, selecting a color palette is often based on personal preferences. Choosing colors might be done with an online color tool, sampling from an image, "borrowing" from favorite brands, or just sort of randomly picking from a color wheel until a palette "just feels right."

Our goal is to better understand what makes a palette "feel right" by exploring key color attributes with Sass color functions. By the end, you will … Read article


Motion Paths – Past, Present and Future


Case Study: 2019 refresh


Techniques for Rendering Text with WebGL

As is the rule in WebGL, anything that seems like it should be simple is actually quite complicated. Drawing lines, debugging shaders, text rendering… they are all damn hard to do well in WebGL.

Isn’t that weird? WebGL doesn't have a built-in function for rendering text. Although text seems like the most basic of functionalities. When it comes down to actually rendering it, things get complicated. How do you account for the immense amount of glyphs for every … Read article


CSS Architecture for Modern JavaScript Applications


Weekly Platform News: Upgrading Navigations to HTTPS, Sale of .org Domains, New Browser Engine

In this week's roundup: DuckDuckGo gets smarter encryption, a fight over the sale of dot org domains, and a new browser engine is in the works.

Let's get into the news!… Read article


Auto Layout lands in Figma


The Rising Complexity of JAMstack Sites and How to Manage Them

When you add anything with user-generated content or dynamic data to a static site, the complexity of the build process can become comparable to launching a monolithic CMS. How can we add rich content to static sites without stitching together multiple third-party services?… Read article


Firefox 71: First Out of the Gate With Subgrid

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CSS Grid Starter Layouts

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