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The transform-origin property is used in conjunction with CSS transforms, letting you change the point of origin of a transform.

.box {
  transform: rotate(360deg);
  transform-origin: top left;

As indicated above, the transform-origin property can take up to two space-separated keyword or length values for a 2D transform and up to three values for a 3D transform.

Using the code above on a 200px by 200px box, with the transform applied to a transitioned using a click event, would behave like this:

Check out this Pen!

By default, the origin of a transform is "50% 50%", which is exactly in the center of any given element. Changing the origin to "top left" (as in the demo above) causes the element to use the top left corner of the element as a rotation point.

Values can be lengths, percentages or the keywords top, left, right, bottom, and center.

The first value is the horizontal position, the second value is the vertical, and the third value represents the position on the Z axis. The third value will only work if you are using 3D transforms, and it cannot be a percentage.

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  1. rohan Saka
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    Css- is really usefull for web designers.. :)

  2. trisha
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    what jquery library should i use for this code?

  3. Steve
    Permalink to comment#

    Hi. I’m wondering if this might be a way solve an issue I’m having.

    I’ve used transform: scale(.5,.5); but my margins behave as though the item has not been scaled. When I resize the browser, the left margin cause the item to push away from the edge. When I inspect elements and turn off the transform, I can see that the item is reacting to the original size (pre-transform).

    Is there a way to use transform-origin to correct this? I tried transform-origin: 25%50%; however the problem persists, just at different proportions.

    I am referring to the bottom image on this page:

  4. whole cat
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    Tell me, please, can i specify transform-origin for rotation only and disable this effect for other properties.

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