In a multi-column layout, you can make elements expand across the columns with column-span.

h2 {
 -webkit-column-span: all;
         column-span: all;

Assign column-span to an element inside of the multi-column layout to make it a spanning element. The multi-column layout will resume with the next non-spanning element.

The value of column-span can either be all or none.

Set an element with column-span: all to make it span the columns.

The value none for the property is the kill switch for a spanning element. You might use this when working with media queries to tell the spanning element to stop spanning.

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Browser Support

Firefox does not support this property.

Multi-column layout support:

Chrome Safari Firefox Opera IE Android iOS
Any 3+ 1.5+ 11.1+ 10+ 2.3+ 6.1+

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    I get a wild bug in Safari while combining -webkit-column-span:all with -webkit-column-break-inside:avoid.
    Look what happens with “Module-3” there:

    (Note: Beware that removing overflow:hidden from .module class might make your browser unresponsive)

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    Doesnt work in Firefox. so bad.

    • User Avatar
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      Not so bad since it’s a Safari issue.
      Chrome renders the column-span correctly while Safari renders the header “Module 3” before AND after the column-span element.

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