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The stroke property in CSS is for adding a border to SVG shapes.

.module {
  stroke: black;


  • This will override a presentation attribute <path stroke="#fff" ... />
  • This will not override an inline style e.g. <path style="stroke: #fff;" ... />


The stroke property can accept any CSS color value.

  • Named colors — orange
  • Hex colors — #FF9E2C
  • RGB and RGBa colors — rgb(255, 158, 44) and rgba(255, 158, 44, .5)
  • HSL and HSLa colors — hsl(32, 100%, 59%) and hsla(32, 100%, 59%, .5)

Awesomely enough, stroke also accepts the patterns of SVG shapes that are defined inside of a defs element:

.module {
	stroke: url(#pattern);

See the Pen stroke property by CSS-Tricks (@css-tricks) on CodePen.


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