The align-self property is a sub-property of the Flexible Box Layout module.

It makes possible to override the align-items value for specific flex items.

The align-self property accepts the same 5 values as the align-items:

  • flex-start: cross-start margin edge of the item is placed on the cross-start line
  • flex-end: cross-end margin edge of the item is placed on the cross-end line
  • center: item is centered in the cross-axis
  • baseline: items are aligned such as their baseline are aligned
  • stretch (default): stretch to fill the container (still respect min-width/max-width)


align-self: auto | flex-start | flex-end | center | baseline | stretch

.flex-item {
  align-self: flex-end;


The following demo shows how an item can align itself in the flex container depending on the align-self value:

  • The 1st item is set to flex-start
  • The 2nd item is set to flex-end
  • The 3rd item is set to center
  • The 4th item is set to baseline
  • The 5th item is set to stretch

See the Pen align-self demo by CSS-Tricks (@css-tricks) on CodePen.

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For more informations about how to mix syntaxes in order to get the best browser support, please refer to this article (CSS-Tricks) or this article (DevOpera).


  1. User Avatar
    Kyle Peatt

    I think the support table on this article might not be entirely accurate — I can’t find the corollary for old flexbox (display: box;) for this property. Am I missing something?

  2. User Avatar

    I also think the support table is a bit weird here. I don’t think Safari supports align-self

  3. User Avatar
    Rohit Vaidya
    Permalink to comment#

    Yes, even i faced this. Safari does not support align-self

  4. User Avatar
    Permalink to comment#

    Safari supports it on 7.0+ with -webkit-align-self

  5. User Avatar
    Permalink to comment#

    On the surface, it seems align-self:baseline; and align-self:flex-start do the same things. At least that’s the impression I get when I use either or on my website. I’m surely missing something. So can someone elaborate the differences between the two? Thanks in advance.

  6. User Avatar
    Permalink to comment#

    hello, i would to change the display date-year from top to bottom? it’s possible to do that in css

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