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    ##Hi all,

    I am aware that I am a little bias, since I am a MODX Ambassador for The Netherlands (not a payed job b.t.w.), but I really think that MODX Revolution deserves more “buzz” as a amazing flexible CMS and framework.

    ###Systems I tried/used

    – WordPress
    – Joomla
    – Drupal
    – Magento
    – Concrete 5

    Of course: there is no “winner” or “best” CMS, we use the best tool for the job, but I would like to explain why MODX is great and a lot more flexible then most other CMS systems.

    ###Start clean

    After installing [MODX Revolution]( you start with a blank page, no template, base structure or tags, just a blank page. **You** decide what to build in any system/structure you want.
    This might be harder for new users, but the first thing I usually do when using WordPress or Drupal is clean out almost everything to start fresh…

    ###Use your code

    MODX Revolution will work with your code, just paste in your HTML in a template and add one tag in the header

    ++site_url` />

    Now your HTML will work in MODX (maybe adjust you CSS, image and Javascript URL paths) nothing else is needed.

    ###Tags are so easy!

    MODX uses three basic tag types (there are more, but these are the most used)

    – Chunks (bits of HTML)
    – Template Variables (custom fields)
    – Snippets (bits of PHP)

    With these tags you can make yout template interact with MODX and start using the power of MODX.

    ####Tag basics

    MODX uses very basic tags, they are easy to read use and understand. These is no loop, php or other structure needed.

    Some examples:

    **Get the content of a page**


    **Show a HTML chunk called “template_header”**


    **Show a Template Variable called “page_tagline”**


    ####Output filters and combining tags

    MODX Revolution can use these tags in very powerfull ways, output filters and combining Chunks, Template Varibales and filters (even: a Template Varibale inside a Template Varibale inside a chunk!)

    Some examples:

    **Show a HTML chunk called “contact_form”, but do not cache it.**


    **Show a Template Variable called “page_tagline” in a H3 tag, but only if the tagline is filled in.**




    **Output a list of child Resources of the current Resource, using the “myRowTpl” chunk**

    !getResources? &parents=`[[*id` &tpl=`myRowTpl`]]

    The “myRowTpl” chunk could look like this:


    A example of a basic MODX Revolution template




    The “template_header” chunk could look like this:

    < !DOCTYPE html>

    ++site_url” />
    ++modx_charset:lcase” />
    *introtext” />
    *keywords:notempty=`[[*keywords,`]]my,keywords” />
    <a href="/?page=pagetitle" class="bbcode_wiki" rel="nofollow">*pagetitle</a> – <a href="/?page=site_name" class="bbcode_wiki" rel="nofollow">++site_name</a>

    The “template_footer” chunk could look like this:

    ###MODX is great for SEO

    MODX Revolution is great for SEO becouse you descide your site structure, tags, description and titles.
    Using Friendly URL`s your links are readable and clean.

    **A nice MODX header, automaticaly generated for SEO**:

    *introtext:empty=`[[*content:strip_tags`:limit=`200`]]” />
    *createdby:userinfo=`fullname`” />
    <a href="/?page=pagetitle" class="bbcode_wiki" rel="nofollow">*pagetitle</a> – <a href="/?page=site_name" class="bbcode_wiki" rel="nofollow">++site_name</a>
    *keywords:notempty=`[[*keywords,`]]your,own,general,keywords” />`

    ###All the plugin’s (extra’s) you need

    There are loads of [great plugin’s]( available for MODX Revolution.

    **A few great plugin’s**

    – [SimpleSearch]( (add great search functionality)
    – [Wayfinder]( (amazingly powerfull and flexible navigation)
    – [getResources]( (get any content from anywhere to any place)
    – [MIGX]( (make Template Varibales even more flexible)
    – [Articles]( (create a blog in MODX Revolution)
    – [FormIt]( (simple an easy contact forms)

    ###MODX Cloud

    Need power and you ite in the cloud? The new [MODX Cloud]( will serve your needs!
    With MODX Cloud you can launch, clone, move, share & test MODX sites in seconds.

    ###The MODX community is amazing

    For sure the best thing about MODX is the community. On the new [MODX forum]( and Twitter (#MODX) users are always happy to help.

    Please give [MODX Revolution]( a try, I would love to hear your thoughts about MODX.

    [MODX Documentation]( – [Getting started with MODX Revolution](

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    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your response. Indeed many of your problems have been fixed…
    Settings and docs are a lot better now.

    Funny that you say that the template syntax is not intuitive, to me it is way better then WordPress or Drupal… (guess that this is different for everybody)

    The Caching part have been a big topic for a long time now [see the is post](

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