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Analyzing Notion app performance


#187: Notion for Team Meetings & Documentation

This is the second video in 3-video series on using Notion. In Part 1 we covered a lot of ground on what Notion is how it’s great for any team, and web development teams in particular.

In this video, we’ll take a look at the two absolute biggest things I do in Notion:

  1. Team Meetings
  2. Project Planning
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Notion-Powered Websites

I’m a big fan of Notion, as you likely know from previous coverage and recent video. It’s always interesting to see what other people do with Notion, and even how Notion uses Notion.

I’d say most usage of Notion is private and internal, but any page on Notion can be totally public with the flip of a switch. We do that with some stuff like our post ideas page and here’s a simple camping checklist I made … Read article “Notion-Powered Websites”


#186: Notion for Web Development Teams

I’m a big fan of Notion, particularly for keeping teams in sync. I work on teams of developers, and I find it works particularly well for that. If I had to sum it up really quickly, I’d tell Notion is for collaborative documents. But that undersells it.

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In this video, I take my time explaining what Notion is and how I use it so that you can really understand it. This is the first a … Read article “#186: Notion for Web Development Teams”


How I’ve Been Using Notion Personally and Professionally

I use Notion quite a bit, both personally and professionally.

In a sense, it’s just an app for keeping documents in one place: little notes, to-do lists, basic spreadsheets, etc. I like the native macOS Notes app just fine. It’s quick and easy, it’s desktop and mobile, it syncs… but there are enough limitations that I wanted something better. Plus, I wanted something team-based and web-friendly (shared URLs!) and Notion hits those nails on the head.

Here’s a bunch … Read article “How I’ve Been Using Notion Personally and Professionally”