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WordCamp US 2018

I recently attended and had the chance to speak at WordCamp US 2018 in Nashville. I had a great time. I love conferences that bring people together around a tight theme because it's very likely you'll have something to talk about with every person there. Plus, I rather like WordPress and its community. The vibe was very centered around Gutenberg, as it was released in WordPress 5.0 just as the conference started. … Read article

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An Event Apart

Just the other day in a Slack group I hang out in someone asked "what web design events is everyone going to and loving?" An Event Apart is always my immediate answer. I've gotten to speak a number of An Event Apart events, which is an incredible honor and always a good time. So from that perspective, I love it. I can tell you that it's the most well-run conference I go to that gets all the details right.

But … Read article


An Event Apart Discount Code

I'll be at all the 2017 An Event Apart shows. Coupon code AEACOY will get you $100 off any of them. … Read article

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Notes from CSS Dev Conf 2016

I've attended every single CSS Dev Conf, five years running now. I've always particularly enjoyed conferences that have a somewhat narrow focus. Since this conference is, no surprise, largely focused on CSS, I think it serves as an interesting state of the union of CSS style conference every year, for me at least.

In years past themes have emerged like: preprocessors, architecture, testing, performance... last year I'd say it was SVG. … Read article


A Guide to 2016 Front End Conferences

It's difficult to keep track of all of the great talks and conferences happening in our industry. Sometimes you may find out too late that an event is taking place, and it's a real shame when it's an something you might have attended. We've compiled this list so you can see what's happening, both in your hometown, and abroad. This list will be updated throughout the year.… Read article

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