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CSS is fun and cool and I like it.
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Save Big on An Event Apart for a Limited Time!

If you could get one gift from your boss this holiday season, what would you want it to be? You know, other than the usual mouse pad, picture frame or, my favorite, the ol’ coffee mug and Starbucks card combo.

What if you were to receive something, hmm, more substantial? Like something that keeps giving three days instead of one. Or something that levels up your front-end chops. Or something that lets you network with your peers and gain invaluable … Read article “Save Big on An Event Apart for a Limited Time!”

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Snag Resources from An Event Apart Boston 2019 and Save on Washington D.C. Registration

Hey, so we talked a little bit about An Event Apart Boston 2019 leading up to the event and now there are a ton of resources available from it. I stopped counting the number of links after 50 because there’s way more than that. Seriously, there’s stuff in there on subgrid, working with CSS Regions, design systems, using prefers-reduced-motion… and much, much more, so check it out.

And, while you’re at it, you should consider attending the next installment Read article “Snag Resources from An Event Apart Boston 2019 and Save on Washington D.C. Registration”

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An Event Apart Boston is Coming. Save Now!

An Event Apart Boston is almost here! We’re talking, like, less than a month away. If you’ve been holding off from registering, this might be your last chance because time and seating are both limited. Besides, we’re talking about three days of pure knowledge-dropping by an impressive lineup of speakers on a wide range of topics. Seriously, just look at the full schedule and prepare to be get stoked for a great time.… Read article “An Event Apart Boston is Coming. Save Now!”


Little Things That Tickled My Brain from An Event Apart Seattle

I had so much fun at An Event Apart Seattle! There is something nice about sitting back and basking in the messages from a variety of such super smart people.

I didn’t take comprehensive notes of each talk, but I did jot down little moments that flickered my brain. I’ll post them here! Blogging is fun! Again, note that these moments weren’t necessarily the main point of the speaker’s presentation or reflective of the whole journey of the topic — … Read article “Little Things That Tickled My Brain from An Event Apart Seattle”

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Come to An Event Apart in 2019

The 2019 season for An Event Apart (the premiere web and interaction design conference) is about to kick off!

  1. Seattle – March 4–6, 2019
  2. Boston – May 6–8, 2019
  3. Washington DC – July 29–31, 2019
  4. Chicago – August 26–28, 2019
  5. Denver – October 28–30, 2019
  6. San Francisco – December 9–11, 2019

I’ll be there in Seattle for the kickoff, giving a talk about how to think like a front-end developer. I’ve been working on it for ages, and I think … Read article “Come to An Event Apart in 2019”

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An Event Apart

Just the other day in a Slack group I hang out in someone asked “what web design events is everyone going to and loving?” An Event Apart is always my immediate answer. I’ve gotten to speak a number of An Event Apart events, which is an incredible honor and always a good time. So from that perspective, I love it. I can tell you that it’s the most well-run conference I go to that gets all the details right.

But … Read article “An Event Apart”

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You Should Come To An Event Apart

Hey there CSS-Tricks readers and friends! This year I have the great privilege to be giving talks and workshops at the wonderful An Event Apart series of conferences. Conference for people who make websites, as they say.

You should come to one that works out well with your work and life.


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