Come to Web Unleashed!

Web Unleashed is a fun conference. I’ve been a number of times. I’m sure you won’t be surprised that it’s online this year, like most events.

And, hey, it’s coming up and will take place over three days, October 5-7, 2020. I’d really like to see you there, not just because you’re going to get a lot of it (which you will), but because I’ll be there emceeing the show on October 5th, right after Jason Pamental does the opening. I’m also interviewing Mina Markham which is sure to be both fun and interesting.

But you can expect much, much more over the three days that Web Unleashed takes place. I mean, just look at the lineup.

Tickets are $249 Canadian. If you’re looking for a discount, I’ve got one right here that will knock $100 off the registration. Use coupon code CSS-Tricks when registering for the event to get the special price. Just make sure you do it soon because it’s only valid until September 10. And, yes, group discounts are also available. I’m gonna say that again but bigger:

Use coupon CSS-Tricks because it’s literally 40% off the already-affordable ticket price, but you have to do it before September 10, 2020.

Oh, and one more thing! Check out the artwork for the event:

It’s beautiful, right? That was done by Matt Deslauriers and was the inspiration behind a little tool I put together that creates random generative art that can be exported as SVG and PNG. I told you his was way cooler.

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