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CSS is fun and cool and I like it.
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Register Now for An Event Apart 2019 in Chicago

An Event Apart juuuuust wrapped up its Washington D.C. event yesterday. We hope we got to see you at the event but if not, perhaps we'll see you at the next one happening Aug. 28-28 in Chicago.

Why would you go, you might ask? It's three days of experts imparting their knowledge on topics ranging from CSS Houdini to intrinsic layouts — and that's just the first day!… Read article

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Snag Resources from An Event Apart Boston 2019 and Save on Washington D.C. Registration

Hey, so we talked a little bit about An Event Apart Boston 2019 leading up to the event and now there are a ton of resources available from it. I stopped counting the number of links after 50 because there's way more than that. Seriously, there's stuff in there on subgrid, working with CSS Regions, design systems, using prefers-reduced-motion... and much, much more, so check it out.

And, while you're at it, you should consider attending the next installment Read article