You Should Come To An Event Apart

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Hey there CSS-Tricks readers and friends! This year I have the great privilege to be giving talks and workshops at the wonderful An Event Apart series of conferences. Conference for people who make websites, as they say.

You should come to one that works out well with your work and life.

Here’s the schedule for 2017 (all cities in the United States):

The final day of each event (e.g. April 5 of Seattle) is “A Day Apart”, which is a full-day workshop. The dates with an *asterisk (Seattle and Chicago) it will be me giving that workshop.

I’m excited about all the events, but particularly the workshops, as that’s a little bit of new territory for me. I’ve been enjoying putting all the material together. It feels very much like me. We’ll be talking about building websites and what exactly that means these days as a front-end web designer and developer.

If you wanna come hang out with me, that’s cool, but of course, An Event Apart is a conglomeration of incredibly smart people talking about a huge range of web-related topics. Just look at the lineup for Seattle!

  • Jeffrey Zeldman: The Codependent’s Guide to Design Collaboration
  • Sarah Parmenter: Practical Branding
  • Krystal Higgins: Onboarding for Any Situation
  • Luke Wroblewski: Obvious Always Wins
  • Val Head: Motion In Design Systems: Animation, Style Guides, and the Design Process
  • Ethan Marcotte: Design Beyond Our Devices
  • Jeremy Keith: Evaluating Technology
  • Rachel Andrew: New CSS Layout Meets the Real World
  • Jen Simmons: Designing with Grid
  • Eric Meyer: Design for Real Life
  • Una Kravets: The Joy of Optimizing

And then me closing up the show on Tuesday, and doing the workshop all day Wednesday. Hot damn. I have a $100 bucks off for ya, too: AEACOY

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