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Freezing User-Agent Strings

There’s been news about Chrome freezing their User-Agent string (and all other major browsers are on board). That means they’ll still have a User-Agent (UA) string (that comes across in headers and is available in JavaScript as navigator.userAgent. By freezing it, it will be less useful over time in detecting the browser/platform/version, although the quoted reason for doing it is more about privacy and stopping fingerprinting rather than developer concerns.

In the front-end world, the general advice is: you Read article “Freezing User-Agent Strings”


Getting Started with Front End Testing


Testing React Hooks With Enzyme and React Testing Library

As you begin to make use of React hooks in your applications, you’ll want to be certain the code you write is nothing short of solid. There’s nothing like shipping buggy code. One way to be certain your code is bug-free is to write tests. And testing React hooks is not much different from how React applications are tested in general.

In this tutorial, we will look at how to do that by making use of a to-do application built … Read article “Testing React Hooks With Enzyme and React Testing Library”


How We Perform Frontend Testing on StackPath’s Customer Portal


#178: Percy Catches Visual Changes in any Workflow

I wanted to make sure you understand exactly what Percy can do for you, hence the title. When you commit a change to your websites Git repo, like in a Pull Request workflow most of us live in, Percy will let you know if that change causes any visual changes to your site. It will show you exactly what those changes are: what pages, what media query breakpoint, what browser, etc.

It’s rather amazing.… Read article “#178: Percy Catches Visual Changes in any Workflow”


Recipes for Performance Testing Single Page Applications in WebPageTest

WebPageTest is an online tool and an Open Source project to help developers audit the performance of their websites. As a Web Performance Evangelist at Theodo, I use it every single day. I am constantly amazed at what it offers to the web development community at large and the web performance folks particularly — for free.

But things can get difficult pretty quickly when dealing with Single Page Applications — usually written with React, Vue, Svelte or any other … Read article “Recipes for Performance Testing Single Page Applications in WebPageTest”


Model-Based Testing in React with State Machines

Testing applications is crucially important to ensuring that the code is error-free and the logic requirements are met. However, writing tests manually is tedious and prone to human bias and error. Furthermore, maintenance can be a nightmare, especially when features are added or business logic is changed. We’ll learn how model-based testing can eliminate the need to manually write integration and end-to-end tests, by automatically generating full tests that keep up-to-date with an abstract model for any app.… Read article “Model-Based Testing in React with State Machines”


Lessons Learned from a Year of Testing the Web Platform


Types or Tests: Why Not Both?

Every now and then, a debate flares up about the value of typed JavaScript. “Just write more tests!” yell some opponents. “Replace unit tests with types!” scream others. Both are right in some ways, and wrong in others. Twitter affords little room for nuance. But in the space of this article we can try to lay out a reasoned argument for how both can and should coexist.… Read article “Types or Tests: Why Not Both?”