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CSS is fun and cool and I like it.

Rendering Spectrum

Here are the big categories of rendering websites:

  • Client: ship a <div id="root"</div and let a JavaScript template render all of it.
  • Static: pre-render the HTML.
  • Server: let a live server process requests and generate the HTML response.

They are not mutually exclusive.

  • A website could statically pre-render 75% of it’s pages (say, blog posts), but the other 25% have a server respond to (say, forums).
  • A website could statically pre-render all the pages, but have
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“The Modern Web”

A couple of interesting articles making the rounds:

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Emergency Website Kit


How To Create A Headless WordPress Site On The Jamstack


JAMstack CMSs Have Finally Grown Up!

This article is based on Brian’s presentation at Connect.Tech 2019. Slides with speaker notes from that presentation are available to download.

In my experience, developers generally find the benefits of the JAMstack easy to comprehend. Sites are faster because the resources are static and served from a CDN. Sites are more secure because there is no framework, application server or database to compromise. Development and deployment can be optimized because all of the pieces that make up … Read article “JAMstack CMSs Have Finally Grown Up!”


JAMstack Tools and The Spectrum of Classification

With the wonderful world of JAMstack getting big, all the categories of services and tools that help it along are as important as ever. There are static site generators, headless CMSs, and static file hosts.

I think those classifications are handy, and help conversations along. But there is a point where nuance is necessary and these classification buckets get a little leaky. … Read article “JAMstack Tools and The Spectrum of Classification”


Using GitHub Template Repos to Jump-Start Static Site Projects

If you’re getting started with static site generators, did you know you can use GitHub template repositories to quickly start new projects and reduce your setup time?… Read article “Using GitHub Template Repos to Jump-Start Static Site Projects”


A Comparison of Static Form Providers

Let’s attempt to coin a term here: “Static Form Provider.” You bring your HTML <form></form>, but don’t worry about the back-end processing that makes it work. There are a lot of these services out there!

Static Form Providers do all tasks like validating, storing, sending notifications, and integrating with other APIs. It’s lovely when you can delegate big responsibilities like this. The cost? Typically a monthly or annual subscription, except for a few providers and limited plans. The cost … Read article “A Comparison of Static Form Providers”

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Fast Static Sites with Netlify and AnyMod

In about 10 minutes, we’ll set up a workflow that makes static sites dead simple.… Read article “Fast Static Sites with Netlify and AnyMod”


A Beginner’s Journey to Launching a Website

In September 2018, I was just a few months into my journey of learning web development. As I’m sure is the case with many new developers, it was a big task for me to learn not only the basic skills required, but also keeping current with the fast-moving industry. Just as I was getting to the level where it felt as though I could build a simple website, I started to realize that it was only the first step.

Opening … Read article “A Beginner’s Journey to Launching a Website”