Thank You (2008 Edition)

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Happy New Years Eve everyone! Just taking the opportunity to say thanks to everyone (again) for visiting and being a part of CSS-Tricks. This site has came a long way in one short year, and now is a great time to reflect.


Screencast Launched

I moved to Portland, OR at basically the very first days of 2008. This site alone had me motivated to get my office set up as quickly as I could. I was already armed with the idea that I wanted to start doing a screencast, so I picked up some gear and recorded my first ever screencast on January 31st. It turned out to be a series of three on Converting a Photoshop Mockup, and they are still some of the most popular videos today.

Since the launch of the screencasts, much has changed. I originally just embedded them on a static page with Quicktime. Now I have moved the video pages inside WordPress so that they can have comments like regular posts, and the player is now a Flash player to accommodate more people. The Quicktime version is still available for the iTunes people and is now accompanied by an iPhone/iPod version. The videos now also feature a much more professional introduction.

Feed Subscribers

One of the statistics us blog nerds like to watch is our Feedburner subscriber count. As far as the success of a site goes, stuff like pageviews is far more important, but the subscriber count is a much more personal and meaningful number to me. It’s the number of people that enjoy the site so much they are willing to literally subscribe to it so they can see every article. I never dreamed (in fact, I literally thought the cap) would be well under 10,000, but the site has now broken that amazing number and is getting on closer to 15,000 some days. Crazy. And awesome.


In early November I released a redesign of the site. It was mostly well received and I still like it to this day.

Launched Other Sites

While CSS-Tricks dominates most of my free time, I did manage to launch of a number of other narrower focused sites in 2008, all of which I am quite proud of.


We did some pretty cool stuff at my “real job” this year and I’m very thankful for that. A large chunk of the ideas for this site come from my work there, as well as much my personal advancement as a designer and coder.


I though it might be neat to list some statistics from the year, for posterity.

  • 1220 people have submitted the contact form, and I’ve done my best to respond to each of them. Definitely not 100%, but I bet better than 90%.
  • 269 posts have been published.
  • There are 7,859 approved comments (includes ½ of 2007).
  • Akismet has caught 42,488 spam comments.
  • There are 998 members of the forums and a total of 5,671 posts.
  • I have recorded and published 48 screencasts.
  • The highest single traffic day ever was August 4th, 2008 with a total of 69,253 pageviews. The entire year saw 5,816,851 pageviews.
  • The single most popular post was the one on CSS sprites.
  • 43.76% of traffic comes from referring sites, 33.03% from search engines, and 22.74% from direct traffic.

What’s To Come in 2009

I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of specifics for you, but rest assured 2009 will be loaded with as much stuff and more as 2008. I have a TON of drafts of articles I have started and need to finish and I have a TON of ideas for videos I want to shoot. I’m excited to just keep plugging along with that stuff.

A Book

That’s right! I have commenced work on a book. I’m am not ready to announce anything at all about it yet, but I can tell you that it is going to be awesome and that I’ll share more about that soon.

Another New Site

Just another tease! I have another new site to launch VERY soon that I think many of you will find very useful. No details yet (sorry), but it’s another of my typical narrow-focused sites, this one a web app.

Who Knows!

Part of the fun is that I never really know what the future will bring. I’m sure when 2009 is coming to a close, I’ll look back on this post and laugh as to how little my past-self knew.


I mentioned earlier I still like the design, but a year is a long time and I’ve already started to make little notes on things I would change. I’m sure 2009 will have at least one evolutionary redesign to the site.