Dealing with Spacing in Compiled Markdown Articles

Good thinking and exploration by Sebastian Eberlein. I'm a firm believer that you're doing yourself a favor if you blog in Markdown, because it gives you clean HTML output that isn't littered with classes very likely won't last forever.

Instead, why not use some clever CSS selectors (using stuff like adjacent sibling combinators) to get the spacing and styling you want without changing the markup. CSS is a lot easier to change than HTML. HTML within content, that is. HTML as part of templates is just as easy to change.

Choosing the Right Markdown Parser

The following is a guest post by Ray Villalobos. Ray is going to explore many of the different varietals of Markdown. All of them offer features beyond what the original Markdown can do, but they offer different features amongst themselves. If you're choosing a version to use (or a version you're offering to users on your web product), it pays to know what you are getting into, as it's difficult to switch once you've chosen and there is content out there that depends on those features. Ray, who has a course on Markdown, is going to share which versions have which features to help you make an informed choice.