HTML 5.2 is Done, HTML 5.3 is Coming

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The W3C has completed its second round of HTML5 recommendations for implementation. The entire announcement is worth a read because there are interesting tidbits that provide more context and personnel changes within W3C, but the highlights of this recommendation are …

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Rethinking Dynamic Page Replacing Content

Jesse Shawl takes an old(ish) CSS-Tricks demo and updates it for today's world. Using the HTML5 history API he changes the URL and content of a page when navigation items are clicked, without refreshing the page.
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HTML 5 vs. XHTML 2: An Article Roundup and Poll

Much like CSS3, widespread adoption for the next-gen web languages is a distant mirage. Still, it is important to stay educated on these things and even participate in these early stages while things are still malleable. Rather than re-hash everything …

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