Styling Complex Labels

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Danielle Romo covers the HTML pattern you need when you have a wordy <label> with fancy styling for an <input type="radio">.

The trick? The ol’ <span class="hidden-visually"> that contains the label that you want to be read, and a <span aria-hidden="true"> with the visual-only content.

I think it’s interesting how often people are landing on this pattern. Have you seen Ethan’s The World-Wide Work? The drop-cap pattern he talks about here lands on essentially the same pattern.

<span aria-hidden="true">
  Markup for the visual experience only,
  where you can (somewhat safely) use markup 
  that would be crap for screen readers.  

<span class="visually-hidden">
  Markup for the read experience only, that
  you keep very clean on purpose.

That class is like this.

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