Poll Results: Server side language of choice?

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

Over 18,500 people voted on this last poll, making it the most voted-upon poll in this site’s history, when I asked:

What is your server-side language of choice?

Now I’m definitely a front end guy writing about mostly front end stuff. Because of that I kind of assume most of you folks are too. That doesn’t mean we don’t care about or have an opinion on server side languages too, just know that these poll results are probably indicative more of designers than developers. I essentially got started hacking up WordPress themes and I haven’t moved to far from that, developmentally. So my affinity is for PHP. My favorite part is how it kinda “just works” on just about any server out there out of the box. I also like how at the basic levels I use it at, the app doesn’t really need to be “running,” it just is a series of scripts that do their thing when they are hit with a request. But anyway, on with the results:

Looking at these results it looks like PHP’s domination of the server side language market is just about as complete as jQuery’s over the JavaScript library market =)

I’ve moved this over to the polls archive. Any last words, leave them here! New poll in a few days.