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We’ve deactivated our Polls plugin as we just weren’t using it much anymore and it’s been years since we’ve ran a poll in any capacity. The “Results Wrapup Posts” have the question & data from the poll anyway, so hopefully no significant data loss here.

Rate Your CSS Skill Level

What do you use to write your CSS?

Who’s job is it to make sure web sites look good on mobile devices?

What Kind of CSS Reset Do You Use?

Is CSS part of your career?

What is your Javascript library of choice?


HTML5, XHTML2, and the future of the Web

What is your favorite content management system?

How do you backup your websites?

How do you keep track of design inspiration?

What CSS3 feature are you most excited about?

Sans developer tools browser choice

Would you work on a webite that you thought was a bad business idea?

How do you email?

When do jobs get done?

How do you format your CSS?

Hyphens, underscores, or camelCase?

Tag and puncuation placement

Server-side languages

How many websites do you launch per year?

Action verb clarity

Multiple JavaScript libraries

Would you start a new project without HTML5?

Conditional tags for all browsers

Working environment

Large file CDN or small file locally?

Site title structure

What’s your favorite page title separator?

The case of the giant background image

This poll was closed prior to collecting results.

Ideal page weight

Your internet connection speed

Will we see a CSS competitor in the next 10 years?

What is your preferred CSS preprocessor?

How do you order your CSS properties?

Do you listen to music while you work?

How much do you earn for completed client sites?

Using version control

Using alt text

Who is responsible for “mobile” design?

Light on dark, or dark on light?

Does a mobile offscreen menu work for desktop, too?

Web apps vs. web sites

Using the command line

Sharing buttons

Typing skills

What one specific skillset are are jealous of?

Many many people touch the CSS of your main project?

You get this email…

Thought on CSS-in-JS