New Poll: Ideal Page Weight

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

Since that last post was kind of a bust (in a good way!) – let’s kick off another one right away. We’ll keep it along the same lines: page weight, this time regarding the page as a whole.

Way back in the day Google used to only index 100k of a page (although I think that’s the HTML only) but that’s not true anymore. 200k for the entire page (including all resources: css, images, js, etc) used to be a common goal. I’d say very few web pages these day come in at under 200k.

The CSS-Tricks homepage right now weighing in at 607k

So the new poll is:

What do you think is reasonable page size to try and stay under for a modern web design?

Full, real time results for this poll and all post polls are in the polls archive.