Make Your Own Dev Tool

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Amber Wilson on making bookmarklets to help yo-self. She shows off one that injects an accessibility script — I like this approach, as it means you don’t have to maintain the bookmarklet, just the script it links to. Another example runs some code contained right in the link. The result is literally a bookmark in your browser you can click to do something that is useful to you on any site.

Well, I say “any” site, but what I mean is “sites that don’t have a Content Security Policy (CSP)” which is capable of totally blocking inline scripts (and that’s probably the best thing a CSP can do). That’s wonderful for security, but completely stops bookmarklets. The answer is browser extensions. The story with those is getting better as browsers converge on a standard format.

Browser extensions are much harder to write. Someone should make a browser extension that allows you to create arbitrary bookmarklet-ish snippets to run. I found a few attempts at this in a quick search, but nothing that looks particularly nice. Another thought: DevTools has snippets.

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