It's been a bit of a long road wrestling control over all the parts we need, with a couple of struggles and surprises along the way. We can finally get started designing those modules on the homepage according to the wireframes we have.

A little margin, a little padding, a little font-size adjusting, you know the drill! We use some absolute positioning to handle the Options menu "flyout" and account for it's hide/show behavior.

The default color for links on the site is a certain blue. Our links in the Forums are already that color of course, because that comes in from the global stylesheet. But as we design the homepage modules, we decide that not every single link absolutely needs to be this blue. Having only the title of the thread be blue ends up looking nicer and makes for better browsing. The meta information below the thread title has some links as well, but it's not as vital that they are blue.

Some of these decisions can help guide as as we design other areas of the forums, and can be revisited easily.


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