We jump right into styling the main content area of the homepage of The Forums. Arguably the most important part of the forums, since it's the first thing people see when arriving to The Forums. This gives us the opportunity to override the core file that controls this as we learned about in the last screencast. That way we have control over the HTML. Then we can apply classes that work with our existing design patterns.

We end up having to edit this file called "helper_functions.php". This is one of those sigh-worthy thing that make me not love working with Vanilla Forums.

We spend a awful lot of time figuring out just what to edit and where and how, but by the end we have a reasonable amount of control we can use to actually start getting things done.


  1. domenico colandrea
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    hey chris..love your videos! ive watched the whole screencast and its such a awsome idea to record the whole process just wanted to say thanks!! also, how would i set sublime text 2 to save on blur or whatever like you have it? i tried looking the the preferences file and couldnt find anything that looked like it would handle that. if you could help me with that that wud be amazing! thanks

  2. domenico colandrea
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    thanks so much man! wow that was a fast reply ..thats so awesome

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