We have a good start on the homepage navigation, but there is some styling stuff that still needs to get done. We start by completing the content itself, adding a few more nav links for a total of five. Then we alter the fonts and colors of the elements we used to match our Photoshop design.

This was the first time we've altered header elements, so we style them right in our _typography.scss file, hoping that these styles can set the standard for what those elements are site-wide. We also jump into Typekit and make sure we're setting our font-weights correctly for the fonts we're actually loading. No reason to risk faux-bolding or faux-un-bolding (if that's a thing).

We add the triangle character via a unicode character (no special font or icon needed). We snag it from CopyPasteCharacter.


  1. Almarr Ormarsson
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    The video is missing on the page.

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