Hello everyone! Welcome to the complete series on building a mobile first artist website with WordPress. This is slightly different than the last series where we recorded as we built. In this course, the "final" website is already built: JeffCampana.com. We'll still walk through every step of the building process, it will just happen a bit quicker and with more focus since I've already gone through it once. In fact, in doing it a second time, I suspect we'll come out with an even better final product. You get better at what you practice!

In this intro screencast, I'll show you the finished site we intend to build. We'll look at each section of the site. It's very simple, but believe me, there is plenty to learn here. Just some of what we'll touch on:

  • Thinking mobile first from the start
  • Choosing and using custom fonts
  • Dealing with icons
  • Implementing a slider (that is responsive and touch friendly)
  • Blog post typography and layout
  • A mobile friendly contact form
  • Fancy color manipulation
  • Managing specialized content


  1. nickhempsey
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    This probably isn’t the place for this comment, but I wanted to let you know, there is a bug in the Next Video button in this section. When you click it from this page it jumps you over to /V10/002-… .

    • Chris Coyier
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      Thanks! Bug squished! I’ll just bury as it was a temporary issue.

  2. demeyere.ben
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    Hi Chris, this is great! Is it possible to download these at all?

    • Chris Coyier
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      Bear level members can download the videos directly. Hit me up: http://css-tricks.com if you want to upgrade and we can discuss. Unfortunately it’s possible through the web interface (literally a lack of PayPal API’s to do it).

  3. ahka@inbox.ru
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    Just amazing

  4. vanmen
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    Great stuff Chris,

    I can’t wait to get my hands dirty with this one! Oops that sounds wierd…lol.
    Another very helpfull series I hope, cause I am in the same process myself for a new client with similar thoughts about his website.


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