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Double Background Effect with CSS

Soh Tanaka tackles a CSS layout problem that probably many have you have run into. The idea is double backgrounds, that is, having a centered design where the left side has a repeating design and the right site has a different repeating design.


New Wufoo Features

Most of you probably know I’m a big fan of Wufoo, the web service for building forms. (If you don’t, I have an intro video here). In the last few weeks they have rolled out a bunch of new awesome features. They’ve added Likerts (you know, “Strongly Agree, No Opinion, Mildly Disagree…”). They’ve made it easy to add fill-in-the-blank “Other” fields to multiple choice questions, and they’ve seriously upgraded their hardware. Go Wufoo!



Lorem2 is “an all-around better Lorem experience.” Just what is always needed: short paragraphs, long paragraphs, short list items, and long list items.


The CSS Gallery List

I once did a CSS Gallery Roundup, but I’m not even going to link to it because it sucks compared to The CSS Gallery List. Not only is this a great list of all the zillion galleries out there, but there are quick links to the submission pages as well as an innovative and really cool system for auto-submitting your page to a wide variety of them automatically ($3).

SimplePie Basics

David shows us the basics of using SimplePie with a tutorial on How To Add the Script & Style Feed to Your Website.