#28: Using Wufoo for Web Forms

Anytime anyone asks me about forms, I always mention Wufoo. At work and at home, almost every single form I create I just use Wufoo. It makes form creation so easy it's almost entertaining. In this screencast I walk you through how to get started with Wufoo and start using some of its more advanced features like custom themes, integrating PayPal payment, creating public reports, and user management.

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  1. Ben
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    Great to know. I appreciate how fast you teach. Thanks.

  2. Nick
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    wow Chris,I’ve knew about wufoo before but I never tried,now you showed me how cool it is…..
    Thanks a lot ….also for your other videos.


  3. Christine
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    Hey. In the introduction to this video cast, you mentioned the WP Theme Kit. As far as I can understand, this page is no longer available. Do you have any other recommendation for a similar website / services such as the WP Theme Kit?

    PS. I am truly inspired by your work. This is a resourceful website for sure. I browse it everyday.


  4. JoshtheDesigner
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    Exactly what I was looking for Thanks!

  5. Pete Tavener
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    Great video. Great product – I’m about to switch to it. But don’t you think you should declare an intereest in Wufoo? “Chris Coyier is Wufoo’s Lead Hucklebucker and second designer.”

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