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We have a client who sells a product in which customers specify a gift message when they check out. The site has been very successful for them and orders are coming faster than expected. The have been hand-writing the notes thus far, which, in nerd words, doesn’t scale well.

When I heard about the problem, the obvious solution was to stop handwriting them. Maybe they’ll lose some of that homegrown flair, but it’s also less weird. This isn’t a handwritten note from one person to another, it’s a typed note form one person re-written by an intermediary to a third person. Besides, my idea for a solution involves a handwriting style font anyway!

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Could you do this just as easily from desktop software? Of course. But this way (just like the editable invoice) means you can do it from any computer without worrying about whether you have the template or the right fonts or whatever else.

Copy and Paste

The idea is simple. A webpage with a big textarea on it. The textarea is set in a fun handwritten font. The gift messages that come across in the receipt emails can be copy and pasted right into it.

Adjust size

Because gift messages can be long, short, and anywhere in between, I thought it would be helpful to be able to resize the text on the fly.


Just because quick screencasts are often best for explaining things…


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