Editable/Printable Invoice, Version 2

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Chris Coyier on (Updated on )

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I knew as soon as I released the previous version of the Editable Invoice that using some JavaScript to spiff it up would be a good idea. I was thinking of doing a screencast on it perhaps, but then multiple people stepped up and starting doing it themselves! Everyone did a great job, but ultimately the version I’m releasing as version 2 is by Vinh Pham.

New features:

  • Inserts todays date automatically
  • Few extra things are editable, like “invoice” title and “terms”
  • Does the math automatically when you change quantities and amounts
  • Add and remove rows of items
  • Edit the logo by providing a URL path to a new logo
  • Rollover colors for the textareas to indicate editability
  • Print stylesheet to eliminate extra functionality bits from printing

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