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    I am self-taught in the very basics of web development; learning HTML and CSS for a while then, possessed a slight knowledge of PHP for personal projects. I think I realized development just wasn’t for me. I progressed much quicker in design than developing and it’s something I enjoy. Eventually I branched into UI Design and Typography/Lettering.

    What do you mean design doesn’t age as fast?


    Thanks guys. It’s interesting that courses in web design can become outdated so quickly. I’m probably going to give Treehouse a whirl next month as they have some modules in Aesthetic Foundations.


    You’re comparing a typeface that was produced in the late 50’s and type design that has been around for centuries to a technology that is still relatively new. Web development did not exist 55 years ago. And code has basic principles much like design.


    I started with computers science and changed to graphic design, which I graduated in.
    so I self-taught myself starting with html for dummies! (includes js, jquery, php, css…BIG book…never finished the whole thing…)
    seriously its a really good book and explains everything really well.


    Getting a degree isn’t worth all that much. Say a Bachelors for instance. Anything you learn during the first 2 years is outdated. Anything you learn in the 3rd year is about to be outdated. And everything you learned in the 4th year is current, but clients don’t want what’s current, they want the brand new stuff, and they don’t teach that in class.

    Web Development is an interesting career in that the turn over for relevant knowledge is very fast. You always have to be learning in order to keep up.


    I Beginner, but getting there everyday I learn more and more. And Yes Internet is everything in the future.


    If you do “graphic design and art” classes, I would recommend staying away from anything that resembles trendy… take the very basics to give you those foundations (shapes, lighting, natural feeling, illustration, etc). Those are timeless and will certainly make you a better designer.


    +1 self taught


    Edit. I think I was probably just over-reacting.

    But yeah, some degrees are great, some not so much.

    There are a lot of jobs, and not just jobs but also employers, who simply will not even bother reading your CV if you haven’t got a degree. But some will.

    For me the bottom line is, a decent degree from a reputable establishment cannot possibly harm your career. There isn’t really a downside to it – as long as it is a good, relevant degree.


    Your english is pretty excellent. It’s always been good. :)


    Self-taught, but currently studying for a Bachelors in CS or SE (as a freshman, I still have time to pick)
    Honestly the only reason I’m in College is to form connections. Nothing I’m learning here is good for my freelance work and I don’t really plan on being hired. (of course, I’m learning Java and C, not javascript and CSS)


    + 1 self taught. I’m busy teaching someone to be a web dev. It’s been a week and he is doing remarkably. My secret of teaching is.. Nothing, He is doing it all himself. I steer him in the right direction and let him know where he can find certain information but 99% of the teaching comes from his own practice. I think you have to be very interested and learn yourself to become ‘good’. I dont think any web-dev course is going to teach you anything.

    If you have questions, ask here and people will help you as far as they can. Good luck =)


    Check out this interesting infographic… there is a section on Degree vs Salary:

    Anatomy of a Web Design Client


    I’d opt for a bachelor’s degree in web design and development mainly because it’ll cover a broader range of subjects and provide you with an in-depth understanding of the field. I’m interested in computer programming and I’m currently reviewing Stevens Henager College. According to a review I read of Stevens Henager, the college offers both online and on-campus programs in web design. You might want to check it out.


    Bachelor’s degree in Biology, self-taught and still learning in HTML & CSS.


    Bachelor’s Degree in CS with a focus in game programming. Self taught obviously but I got started making video games, which moved into Flash/Facebook games, which moved into websites (I had dabbled in web design for fun up until college). Still do games but I don’t think I’d ever work for anyone but myself in that – no one pays enough for the hours required.

    I’d also like to add that living in CA, USA, those average salary graphs always stun me and make me realize how ridiculously expensive it is to live here.

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