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    Attila Hajzer

    First thoughts?
    the first second i was thinking what the F**** happened to my browser?! and then i thought, no way! he did this again! so quickly! i loved the load of his previous design, i did have a small menu problem (the border radius’ were different, just for me, visuially was non-appealing. but now this?! i like it
    i like it a lot. how the different pages have different styles to them :) GOOD JOB CHRIS!


    Yeah, most definitely an awesome new site, great design and feel to it. It flows very nicely down the page. Great Design!


    I love the new design. I have to admit the old one was kind of bland but this one really popped to me. It’s amazing. It flows well, it’s very functional, doesn’t slow down the page load time. The man behind this site is a web genius. Mad props!


    My screen is 1024 x 768. Horizontal scrolling is required to see the whole site. Dislike.


    Yes! This I like. I was harsh with my last criticisms last time, but this is something I can learn to love. Personally, I’d soften out some (not all) of the straight lines with some rounded corners here and there, maybe.. but otherwise, I personally find it better than the last version. Good work! I love how the comments are styled, especially. :)


    Oh yeah, one problem.. I get a horizontal scroll bar. My window is maximized to a 1235X744 (according to my FF extension)..

    Chris Coyier

    @nosecreek – Sorry about that! 1024px people on this site are at about 6%, which is fairly low but not low enough to ignore yet, so I do plan to accomodate that as soon as I can.


    Love the navigation!

    Interesting new design Chris, I was digging through some old IE fix articles when all of a sudden BANG everything changed!.. The forums still had the old look so I knew you were working actively on it ;)

    Keep up the awesome work.


    Absolutely love it.


    Completely freaked me out, however I’m delighted to be described as ‘Rad’


    Totally awesome! As a Flash Developer I am super impressed with the animations you have going. Very very slick. Great job!


    I wasn’t a fan of the old theme to be honest.. but I’m loving this new one! totally fresh, love all the little animations, inspirational:)

    Chris Coyier

    I like the old theme a lot more. It had more of a simplistic value and all around modern look. This new design reminds me of Easter. The buysellads background doesn’t seem to match well and the footer just seems bland, maybe a background color added to it might look better? We can all agree Chris has an enormous amount of talent, no question about that but, I don’t think this new design was a good idea.


    I’m sure the new site will grow on me, it was a bold change, and a shock!
    I’m sure it will be adapted over the coming weeks as there are a few issues with its layout in Chrome 7 on Win.
    # article:before – the turned page triangle is a pixel to far down, showing a white artifact above
    # bsa_it – the ad image is being sqaushed out of proportion.

    BUT – I like a lot.



    Hey Chris Coyier! Love the new look, but how cool would it be if you added some media queries for this layout for those people with smaller or bigger resolutions, kind of like what abduzeedo is doing. On another note, no footer when on the forum? Seems a bit odd. Anywho, still love this one!

    ~ Chris

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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