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    not sure if this has been done before
    But I’d like to start a thread for people to get to know one another here :D

    I’m a general IT guy from Dublin, Ireland and web design is a hobby of mine and I’m here because I like to help others and learn from you all

    Working on getting a portfolio site up but for the moment I’m on Twitter :)

    ….my name is Karl


    G’day Karl(?), I’m Josh, an Australian web enthusiast.

    CSS-Tricks was one of the first blogs I started frequenting, and I have learnt an incredible amount from Chris. I have been attempting to give back via the forums for a little while now, and I am always learning.

    For those that are interested, I write about web related stuff at Keep in mind that I am no expert, and everything there is merely my opinion.


    I thought so, didn’t want to assume though (you know what they say).

    Thanks mate, it’s a constant work in progress, but a lot of fun too!


    Nice idea for a thread – thanks for starting it.

    I’m Dave Rollins. I got interested in web design 8-10 years ago when I wanted a site for my photography. I bought a couple of HTML books and eventually made my first site. It was absolutely terrible: tables, horrid colors, no CSS, didn’t know about validation, hadn’t learned about standards – pretty much every mistake you can make. Since being laid off from the company where I thought I’d work the rest of my career, I’ve worked to improve my design & coding enough to earn be proud of my sites and to earn some money. I’ve managed to get a few clients (mostly from my Art League), and I’m slowly approaching the point where I’ll consider myself competent.

    I don’t have a portfolio site yet – that’s the next big project on my list.


    This was a great idea. I’m sure we are all familiar with each other’s usernames, but we have never stopped to say hi! Great to pseudo-meet all of you! I am also self taught, as it seems many of us here are.

    Oh, and Cliff, I am most certainly not an expert, but I appreciate your kind words :)


    Good idea!

    My name is Gray, I work out of not-so-sunny Victoria, BC (Canada). I’ve been doing web development professionally for about 4-5 years now (though the interest and hobby-like nature has been around for much longer). I’ve recently just switched companies and now work for the wonderful people at Metalab, specifically creating and maintaing Tumblr and Shopify themes with Pixel Union (I don’t have my picture up yet, how sad!).

    I’m also self-taught, though that makes it sound like other people didn’t have a hand in it. I’d say I’m more… non-school taught.

    I’ve been a member on the forum for more than three years now and a moderator for more than two. Crazy how time has flown by! I mostly help out users with WordPress or HTML/CSS questions, I leave the jQuery problems to those with more knowledge!


    My name is Jamy, I’m from South Africa and I work for a digital agency called Native. I’ve been doing front-end stuff for about 3 or 4 years – so I’m still relatively new. I have a web-development blog of my own called CSS Plus. I’ve been a forum moderator for almost 2 years and learnt a lot in the process.

    I’m also self taught, but as far as I know there are no real web-development based courses at universities – Well not here at least. There are colleges, but I think that they are mostly a waste of time since I went to a college for a year to do my A+ and N+, I came out in the top 10 but I didn’t know anything more than I did going in. tldr; I think you have to be selft taught, it takes practice and interest.

    Mostly I love javascript and figuring out new things. Apart from the usual CSS, HTML5 and js I’m also interested in node.js, backbone.js, ruby, RoR and the fact Dart is a full on front end OOP language intrigues me.


    Nice to meet you all! I thought I’d join in the fun…

    – My name is John, I am 26.
    – I was born and raised in Wolverhampton England, went to university for Product Design BSc at Brunel Uni in London.
    – I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in the grand old U.S of A almost 3 years ago now.
    – I currently work as a front-end developer/interactive designer at an interactive communications company called Axcept Media, but in 2 weeks I will be starting a new position as part of the web dev/design team at an online university called Capella.
    – I freelance on the side. Here’s my site/portfolio: I specialize in front-end dev/design and WordPress development.
    – I also enjoy coffee, banging on drums, and trying to throw a basketball into a hoop.


    Hey guys,

    I’m Jon,

    I just graduated with a B.A. in Communications, then I somehow landed a job as a graphic designer. I have been learning Web Design for the past 4 months or so. I am a total “newb.” I am one of the people who you all get annoyed with on the forum because I ask seemingly obvious questions. I apologize for that, but you all have really taught me a lot. I finally had a breakthrough a couple days ago and connected about 40 dots in my head. I don’t have a portfolio site yet but I’m working on it.
    My strength is advertising/marketing. It helps me in designing with an end purpose.

    I love CSS-Tricks, it has helped me every step of the way to learn and progress. Thanks to all of you.


    Hi guys!

    Nice to learn a little about the fellow forum posters around here, a lot of you are very active users, with absolutely invaluable advice.

    My little story:

    I’m 21 years old from Australia, been playing around with websites for 5 years.

    Around 2 years ago, a good friend of mine approached with a client and asked if a couple of us would be interested in partnering up, it was an extremely large, ambitious site for a first client. Loads of pages, complex functionality and an impossibly short deadline. Fuelled by excitement, stupidity and 20x the legal dosage of caffeine, we pulled it off!

    We were paid really well for that project which was a huge motivation and the point I realised this is definitely what I want to do for a living.

    Recently I was just offered full-time employment at an agency, and still able to take on side-projects with the client base that has accumulated solely from referrals on that first project.

    Keeping up with the latest exciting changes in our industry is obviously important and this site helps tremendously with that, long live CSS-Tricks!

    Here’s hoping our demand keeps rising and we all have jobs for many years to come!


    Great idea for a thread!

    Hey everyone,

    Name’s Chris Clark. Live about 50 miles south of Seattle in a tiny place you won’t have heard of. :) Taught elementary school for fifteen years, and decided about three years ago to make my web design hobby my career. Left teaching in June to do the freelance thing, which is quite slow, but I’m loving it. I think @ChrisCoyier has taught me about 85% of what I know in the field. I do have a portfolio site, but it was a rush job and is in the process of being completely rebuilt. No need to subject you to the current awfulness. :)


    Hi all,

    I’m Stefan, dutch roots, 20 years old and programming since i was 16 years old. I’ve got my own compagny, called YellowDuck Webdesign :) and currently i’m studying Communication and Multimedia Design.

    I’ve discovered this website a few weeks ago and i’ve read a lot of awesome stuff here! I hope I can share my “expertise” with all of you! And off course learn a lot from you guys.

    And for the dutch people i’ve got a blog, you might check it out! :)!



    Hi all nice to meet you all :)

    I’m James a company director from Brighton. I’m an ex freelancer who now looks after my own business’s web presences. I seemed to of asked more questions than I have tried to answer (feel a bit guilty). My expertise lays in Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and on/off site SEO.

    Any way I can help I will try.


    Hi Everyone,

    I’m Peter live Chicago Area(originally from Poland). I’ve been doing web work for around 10 years and I have been working for print companies for last 6 years doing web to print sites, personalized landing survey pages, email and variable data printing.

    I’ve been trying to re-create my portfolio site but that has been going slow. I spend a lot time at work and then attend to our 9 month old and it’s very difficult to get any freelance work done at home.

    I’ve been coming to for a years and it has help me solve a lot of problems.

    Thanks for your hard work.



    Hi all, my name is Mark Senff and here’s some things about me.

    • I’m Dutch, though I live in Montreal, Canada since 2006 (born and raised in Hoogeveen, for all the other Dutch people here…there seem to be a lot here!)
    • I’ve been creating/maintaining web sites since about 1995, both hobby and day job, but I didn’t focus on front end development until 2007.
    • I’ve been hanging around on this forum for a couple of months now. It’s great to be able to help people, and learn a lot as well, every single day, in the process. There’s days when I feel I’m an expert in some field, and then the next day I feel like a complete amateur.
    • Sometimes, I put my daughter in a cage.
    • And finally, I just launched my new site at so in case you’re interested in my works, or in my amazingly interesting front end blog, head over now! :)
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