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    My name is Jay, I am a web project manager for my company, Spring Mountain Solutions. I love building websites, and working directly with business owners and project directors to make them look good.

    I have been building websites since 1997 (geocities!) and professionally since 2000. I started code-phobic but quickly reached the end of that road and since have been learning as much as I can about HTML, CSS, standards, visitor tracking, and search.

    I live in Sonoma, CA and hope to contribute back to this community as I have been watching Chris’ podcasts since I got my boxee and found him that way. Video tutorials pair well with some wine and a dog in my lap (I have a boxer and an American Pit Bull). This is not a very cohesive paragraph.

    Just launched a site today, One less excuse as to why my web portfolio still has spider webs on it.

    Just joined yesterday but I’ve been lurking for a bit.



    I like to call me as my username “jhunlio” I am newly in css-tricks and I really love this site!

    I am a fan of website design but unfortunately I have less talent of design, PSD to html/css and a fan of jquery, I am working with my boss bryan regencia and we have plan to go on with our new site but stell not finished yet!

    I really love people around this forum they give solution of all problem state in this forum

    thanks being part of this site!!


    Hello CSS-Tricks Family,

    My name is Shad (iamshad). Here are some facts about me:

    – I’m 26 years old. I was born in South Central Los Angeles.

    – Raised by a wonderful mother. :) (can’t forget mom’s)

    – Studied Recording Engineering at Musicians Institute, Hollywood Ca.

    – I currently work for a company called Intuit (not for web design or development)

    – I’ve self-taught myself over the past two years HTML, CSS & Javascript. Thanks to Css-Tricks, YouTube, and from the wonderful people who are kind enough to share knowledge here on the forum.

    Collecting Creative Recreation shoes, Web design, Music and Photography. I’m also a huge Instagram user!

    What brought you to CSS-Tricks?
    2 years ago I hired a web design and development company who stole $4000 from me Flash Point Collective. Thanks to that experience, I’ve been learning web design & graphic design ever sense. Because of Css-tricks, I’ve become more influenced to build a career in this industry to help those who face the same problems as I once did. I’ve always been interested in web development in which I’ve been grateful to have a learning mindset for it. Heck, I even got an “A” in high school for a development class I took. Thanks to Chris and his dedication to educate, I’ve been following his videos since the start.

    What do you see yourself doing in the next 2 years?
    I ask myself that question everyday. I would really like to work for design firm. My passions have always been involved with music, design, and web. So after dealing with the issue I mentioned above, it’s given me the focus to learn web development and design. I’m still fairly new with no college education in this field which discourages me at times, but I continue to move forward.

    May you all have blessed day.

    Follow me on Instagram @iamshad or Twitter @iAm_Shad


    Christopher Burton

    I’m from New York but currently located elsewhere. I am a Letterer and Typographer.

    I started learning HTML in 2008 but quit for a while. I really dabbled in the web in 2010 when I thought it was cool to try and rip Elliot Jay Stock’s logo (terribly failed). Ever since I was drawn to typography.

    About the same time in 2010 I started coming here learning CSS as much as possible and accepted clients way before I was ready to and I quickly learned that was a mistake. I have met a lot of great people here who have helped me in the most generous of ways and I sincerely thank you.

    Eventually I came to the conclusion that development just wasn’t my thing. In 2011, I started receiving inquiries about typography work so I’m mostly focused on that and lettering now. I’m continuously learning this field and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.



    @hompimpa =( I know! I’m just so picky and stubborn but it’s coming along.

    Thanks for your interest and kind words!


    Hello. I’m Eric and a web applications developer at a college. I designed most of our internal applications like our home grown content management system, etc. I stumbled into this site and now need it as much as my morning coffee. The community here is fantastic and I have learned so much from everyone.


    Hey guys,

    I don’t know how i missed this thread, but here we go.

    I’m Cameron, Scotland born and raised. I’m a freelance creative designer who designs and builds websites by day and loves to create all manner of things from posters to logos by night.

    I’m forever trying to extend my knowledge on web development where i’ve found this blog and forum as an indispensable asset that the internet just couldn’t do without.

    The community here rocks my world!

    Feel free to say hi or follow me on Twitter – if you fancy.


    I’m Corey, I work IT and live in Florida. Just recently got heavy in to web-design and this community has been my saving grace. I hope to eventually start some freelance work but for right now I’m happy just to be learning. :)


    Hi, i am Dhanishta, i am new to this forum, and Iwant to update my knowledge. please help me.


    Oh, nice I never realized there was a thread like this. I’m theacefes (real name: Kat) and I am a front end dev living in the OC, California. I have a BS in Comp Sci with a focus in game programming but I switched from UI programming to front end dev after realizing how much fun it was. :)

    I currently work for a startup in Orange County and have worked in various dev environments from .NET to WordPress to Flash.


    Kitty Giraudel

    Hi guys! Hadn’t noticed this thread before.

    I’m Hugo Giraudel, a front-end developer from Grenoble (France). Currently in a work-based learning, meaning it’s half school, half work. Pretty interesting way to both learn and get money, I tell you. :P

    I’m a CSS3 and HTML5 fan (those who know me can confirm that). I am the author of Wild Web Watch, a suite of handful resources and tools for webdesign and development.

    You can catch me on Twitter, have a look at my work on CodePen or learn a little bit more about me on my website

    I’ve been coming to CSS-tricks for a year and a half now I’d say, but I’m fairly new in the forum. CSS-tricks has always been a great inspiration and help for me, so I thought I could probably help some people for CSS related issues. :)

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