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I completely agree with Archus here. The framework is only a small part of the site creation process. And from the sounds of it, your problem is somewhat bigger than a presentation framework, but staying on topic I would advice some easy guidelines to consider should you still be interested in doing it yourself:

  1. What is it you want from a presentation framework?
    a. Mainly grid for responsiveness?
    b. Grid + Basic things like form / buttons / typography
    c. The whole shabang (or subset)
    d. Dunno, ppl told me it would do me good

  2. Am I doin it for this one site or for the many?

  3. What kind of site is it i’m building
    a. Think section / page and page division wise
    b. What kind of customer devices will be used
    c. What browser flavours to u target

  4. Do I work solo or in a team?
    a. Pay attention to docs / (online/offline) courses / blogs / books more

  5. Am I (is my team) purist or not?

  6. Do I want to use prefab themes, to what end?

  7. What platform do I work on and what knowlegde do I have

  8. How much time am I able / willing to invest into this thing

By anwsering these kind of questions u can better decide what’s good for you. In the end you’l gain more insight in what these beast really do and enable you to switch easily without the burden of the initial learing curve.