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    Hello I am doing some research for finding out the best frame work to use for responsive website. For my self. Currently I am playing around with bootstrap 3 but I have noticed that interferes with some of the custom styles I have chosen. Foundation 4 does seem easier but need to make up mind.

    If can have a few reviews on what is best to use would be great. I have been doing some google searching and they say foundation for is not so heavy.

    Bootstrap does have good features though.

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    Neither, both way too bloated for the majority of small to medium sized websites. Better to either start from scratch and roll your own, or find a smaller framework and customise to your personal liking.

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    @deeve007 I just use them because I still have trouble making responsive wesbite and not well at making own custom grid yet.

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    Then I would recommend searching for “simple” or “lean” or “small” CSS frameworks.

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    I am now starting on learning how to make my own grid system ones got a light weight version like you said but just studying that how it operates and then customizing my own grid system to way I want.

    thanks for tip and advice

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    I agree with deeve07, although frameworks are very helpful for quick, future-proof and responsive development, it takes away from the fundamentals and too often becomes bloated.

    (This is just from my experience, I am not stating that I’m an expert in frameworks)

    But to reiterate, from using foundations and bootstrap, I have noticed more community driven help to bootstrap. There are more themes available that work well with bootstrap, and from what I know CMS have bootstrap support (the open source one’s I’ve checked out)

    I personally use bootstrap, but I would love to venture into rolling my own framework to be less dependent.

    I hope this sheds more light.


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    I personally disagree about looking for alternatives

    Foundation and Bootstrap are the leaders on this field with strong and continuous support.

    the ability to customize the download file to what you need is the best answer for who is saying they are bloated with a lot of features.

    Which one is better is hard question and its up to the developer to find what suited him better, since both of them are very similar and they keep trying to steal features from each other, so they are almost same.

    The slightly differences which i found

    – Has more features
    – More followers and stronger support
    – bootstrap 4 is newer!!

    On the other hand i found Foundation is lighter

    Its good to mention that which CSS preprocessor you are using is the best thing to determine which one to choose

    Less -> Bootstrap
    SASS -> Foundation

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    Well thankfully you’re not in charge of the Internet, and experienced developers can make their own judgement on whether to use one of these frameworks, another one, or not at all.

    Gawd, every site built with Bootstrap or Foundation, what a scary place it would be!!

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    I am not using grids any more to much trouble I am making website mobile first now.

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    I think grids are essential for design, digital or otherwise. Mobile first doesn’t negate utilising grids.

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    Gumby 2!

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    Well, Deeve007

    the post is about choosing Foundation vs Bootstrap and you try to talk about ignore them!!

    i think its better to talk here about something usefull regarding the main topic

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    It would seem from many of the posts in this thread that for some folk the best and most useful advice to the original question is to look at something else.

    But neither of us is in charge of the Internet or even this thread, so why don’t we let the original poster make their own choice on whether the responses here have helped them or not?

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    I’m going to go ahead and second Bootstrap. I’m impressed with the amount of work that has gone into Bootstrap and I have faith that it will only get better. I haven’t done a deep dive into Bootstrap 3.0 yet, but it seems like there were some pretty serious improvements over the previous version. Ultimately, I think it comes down to what your requirements are.

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    May I suggest Skeleton as an alternative. Skeleton mainly concentrates on the grid system . It is small, and much less bloated than foundation or bootstrap. A great alternative if you just want to use an external grid system.

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