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This thread sounds like the inside of my head for the past 4 months! I’ve tried so many frameworks that I’m completely stuck. Yeah, duh. I’m a biz owner who needs to move on and focus… FWIW, I’ve been with both bloat haters and framework lovers and I’m still reeling.

AnnaLiv, if you search for “responsive html5 css3 framework” you’ll find lots and lots – too many. My sense is that if you compare what you have time to learn with the 3 approaches below (big, smaller, scratch) honestly, then choose and stick. If you’re a code lover, go small or scratch and put the time in.

I’ve tried (that I can remember now):
Big – BS (various versions), Gumby, Foundation
Small(er) – Skeleton, HTML5 Boilerplate, Less Framework, Initlializr
Grid based: blueprintcss, 960 grid system, goldilocks, susy
Scratch or partially –semantic grid system + others, reading, reading, working + plenty of great reading and tips here.

Even took a really good code a responsive site by scratch class online – abandoned after a full-charge start. Learned Less, installed ruby, compass, etc, etc. They still litter my computer and that’s crap. Along with templates free and paid, then abandoned.

I feel defeated, so, what do I do now? Some guy at stackoverflow told me to go to wix or weebly, so I stopped asking.

I’ve created a lot, layouts, elements, wireframe sketches, (color schemes – jeez, that’s nothing) but I just can’t pull it together…

Basically, I’m done. Joined u-exchange hoping to find someone to trade a site for jewelry (my partner’s been at it for 40 years). Why need to save? That’s TL; DW.

Off topic, but it’s a set of circumstances that plenty of small biz owners are beset with now. Making a website has certainly changed.

What say any of you?

Thanks, Lauren