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@joshuanhibbert i completely agree with you. My point is that getting someone’s opinion just on DW will get false results. Some see it as a beginners tool…some see it for the “Design View”…some started on it and have not used it in years so assume it is for beginners…to “heavy” or “bloated”. I have heard it all when it comes to DW and the wrath of crap that it gets for one reason or the other. So to further explain my point is that use and try different programs and find what works for you the designer and not so it fits into popular demand.
If you want a honest down to earth poll then make one that makes sense…with substance and hard facts of pros and cons…not “bloated” or other abstract reasons why one editor is better then the other. Start a poll where everyone needs to list one editor only that they can’t live without with reasons why and one editor they can live without with reasons why…real reasons.