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    @_John_ – no, not a doctor! I think it stems from way back when I was playing Battlefield 1942 and would always be a medic? Let’s go with that. Now I like to think I help people fix their problems!


    I believe @jamy_za found an FTP plugin for ST2


    I use for ST2 and works great. However…still love Phpstorm and use it more.


    It seems like ‘Sublime Text 2’ is taking a commanding lead.. I have started to use it, as I am using it now and seems very nice, smooth, and easy to use.

    A text editor I have used before (30-day trial) was an editor called ‘e’ the windows version of textmate, resource:

    Just didnt feel like spending the $47.00 so i let the trial expire, i liked it though for windows.


    @springlab I think that’s it.


    Off topic but i love that name @Schart


    I need to make a rant. Can I say just how stupid this post is…DW or not DW…really?!!!? Not pointing a finger at @_John_ as I understand his question, but look….use what works for you and why let others influence you. Dw is a great program and if you need the “cheater window” to help you create the same thing someone on Notepad++ or Textmate then so be it. I started out with DW years ago and loved it and the only reason I have switched was that I wanted to try something different. I have not used it in years as I have found a different way to design since then. Is my way better then a DW user?….no. Thing that sometimes gives DW I bad wrap is that a lot of beginners use it because it holds your hand as you code and because they are beginners there code is not as refined as it should be. So over the years we all look and help newbies with losy code that use DW….which then begins to brain wash us to merge the two. Bad design = beginner = DW.
    I know a lot of designers that use DW for a lot of reasons and they are crazy talented.
    DW, Textmate, ST2, Phpstorm (my fav) , Coda, Expresso…Mac or Windows…..who cares! Use what you like and become great at it. If you are good at what you do then the end product is what matters to the end user…they don’t care how you designed it.



    I appreciate your honest opinion. My opinion of Dreamweaver is kind of irrelevant at this point mainly because I haven’t really established myself as a developer as for i am still in college. But it may seem pointless that everyone is very opinionated about Dreamweaver and yes the underline point is whether or not you know your stuff and can back it up.

    For someone like me, I value everyone’s honest opinion because i haven’t been in the industry that long and there are many of you who have used programs like this. So yeah, maybe my overall question could have been ‘Googled’ but i value the opinion of other users because they are the ones using it.

    I somewhat see the validity of your post, however, I would still appreciate people posting their comments because I do want to know what people think.

    But thanks for taking your time to rant.


    Think you missed my point completely, but that is ok.


    @springlab I think @_John_ has a valid question, but perhaps the phrasing was a bit off. While I agree with you that you should use whatever text-editor/IDE you feel most comfortable in, for someone who hasn’t had that much experience, a few tips on which program others use, and why, is a great start.


    @joshuanhibbert i completely agree with you. My point is that getting someone’s opinion just on DW will get false results. Some see it as a beginners tool…some see it for the “Design View”…some started on it and have not used it in years so assume it is for beginners…to “heavy” or “bloated”. I have heard it all when it comes to DW and the wrath of crap that it gets for one reason or the other. So to further explain my point is that use and try different programs and find what works for you the designer and not so it fits into popular demand.
    If you want a honest down to earth poll then make one that makes sense…with substance and hard facts of pros and cons…not “bloated” or other abstract reasons why one editor is better then the other. Start a poll where everyone needs to list one editor only that they can’t live without with reasons why and one editor they can live without with reasons why…real reasons.


    @Joshuanhibbert Gotcha.. your right, my overall question should have been an informative request rather than ‘love it or hate it’.


    I use gedit on ubuntu, great editor, light weight, looks great just love it

    2 – Dreamweaver
    5 – Not Dreamweaver



    Thanks, Im going to check it out. Been planning on doing a clean install on my computer and also thinking of using Ubuntu, so if i do go that route I will surely check that out.

    I have been reading articles about different text editors as of late and came across a “Top 10 Best Windows Text Editors” article. They have Dreamweaver along with a few others I have been hearing as of late. Netbeans is on there (which i use for my java programming – but will be switching to Eclipse). If anyone has used any of these as well comment and tell me what you think.
    Reference:‘The Top 10 Best Windows Text HTML Editors’

    Along with that search simply Googled “CSS Text Editors” and came across a lot of results. It seems editors these days conform to many different languages but some of these focus more or less on css.
    Reference:’10 Wonderful CSS editor’
    Reference:’11 Top CSS Editors – Reviewed’
    Reference:‘Top 10 Best Free Online CSS Editors For Web Designers’

    I can read these reviews all day (i could download every single one as well.. lol) but let me know what you think.


    I’ve been very satisfied with Notepad++ but started looking at alternatives recently as I wanted something that had an easier ui for managing sessions. Dreamweaver is tempting in some ways as but it’s too bloated to work with for my taste. I think once you are used to doing everything from a basic editor navigating around a more complex ui can feel a bit counterintuitive. Right now I’m testing Sublime 2 but the FTP support isn’t that great…it does have some other perks, such as the zoom preview.

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