CSS-Tricks Chronicle XIV

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I’ve had the opportunity to be a guest on a couple of podcasts lately. I’m on episode 18 of The Gently Mad podcast with Adam Clark.

I’m also on Authored Content episode 22 (video) with Morten Rand-Hendriksen, James Williamson, and Ray Villalobos.

On both I get the chance to talk about some projects I’ve worked on both past and present as well as hot topics of the day!

Speaking of podcasts, ShopTalk is going great. We’ve had some fun episodes lately like with Raquel Velez and Val Head. Also a RAPIDFIRE episode, which there will be more of in the coming months since we air those when Dave or I has to be gone a particular week.

Speaking of ShopTalk, Dave and I did a live ShopTalk show at Front End Design Conference. We typically record “live”, but this was our first time in front of a live audience. It was super fun and hopefully we get to do it again sometime. We’re hoping there is a good audio recording of it so we can post it as a real show, so it’ll come across iTunes n’ stuff.

It was the fifth year of the Front End Design Conference and it was just fantastic as always. If you’re looking for one to attend, make sure to mark this one down as soon as they announce it next year.

I was stoked to see CodePen used by a number of presenters to show off demos during the conference.

Speaking of CodePen, that’s going really well also. We’ve had some pretty big features roll out lately like using other Pens as resources, including including HTML, and showing errors right in the editor.

We have tons more features and refinements large and small underway so keep coming back for more. We work on it all day every day. In fact the whole CodePen team is at my house for a few weeks for a super code jam.

There has been some good threads in the forums lately like Opinions on CSS Frameworks, Computer for Web Programming, a thread about Macaw, and How big should my background image be?. I like seeing that the opinion threads are alive and well, as well as specific technical stuff getting solved left and right.

You may have noticed a decent amount of guest posts happening here on CSS-Tricks lately. It wasn’t planned really, they just kind of happen naturally through conversations I have with people who email in about ideas. If you have an interest in writing a guest post to be published here 1) have an idea that you think is really cool and you really care about 2) do some research / make demos 3) contact me and I’ll check it out 4) use this template for creating the article.

I don’t have a huge budget but if your article is awesome, takes time, and doesn’t benefit you otherwise – I’m sure we can work something out.