CSS-Tricks Chronicle XII

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I’m hard at work creating a brand new talk I’m so far calling “CSS is for Computers” that I plan to be giving and refining at some upcoming conferences.

There is a whole new series in The Lodge. Even if you aren’t interested in the content of the lodge, but are interested in supporting CSS-Tricks, being a Lodge member is the best way to do that. As a thank you, you now don’t see any ads no matter where you are on the site as a logged in Lodge member.

I’m still brainstorming new ideas for more Lodge content. My best idea so far is “Deep Dive” videos where posts/almanac entries/snippets/etc will have optional videos attached to them where the content is explained in more detail. Those videos will only be watchable by Lodge members. Just an idea.

CodePen is humming along! New features for all users include making auto-run JavaScript optional, making the Hire Me button for everybody, editor layout alternatives, and upgrading the editor as a foundation for many more editor improvements. PRO users now have asset hosting.

You’ll want to stay tuned to CodePen. Tons more to come.

Lots of great conversations on ShopTalk lately including Brandon Mathis, Alex Sexton, Samantha Warren, and Lara Swanson.

There is a new feature on the ShopTalk website as well. Dave created Time Jump – a JavaScript plugin for deep linking times in podcasts. You can now link to specific times with a query string or hash, like:


To give it a spin, check out this time jump link to a very important question.

If you’ve never listened to ShopTalk, we also now have a master archives page to help you find episodes you might be interested in checking out.

Also new on ShopTalk, we now have ladies cut T-Shirts in The Store!

My latest Pastry Box Project entry was about introversion. It seemed to resonate pretty strongly with a lot of folks. I did a follow up article on my personal site with some of the reactions and further thoughts.

I’m moving to Milwaukee soon! It took me a while to find a place but eventually being vigilant on Craigslist panned out. Why Milwaukee? I have a bunch of friends there I visit fairly often and I always love it. I grew up in Wisconsin, but never lived in Milwaukee. Heading back to Wisconsin means being closer to family and old friends, which I like. Plus it’s a lot less expensive than living in the San Francisco area, and I could use the savings as I’m out on my own trying to build a startup.

Looking forward to checking out Bucketworks and Lounge 42.

You may have noticed I replaced one of the rotating ads on the site with an ad for my tech alma mater Wufoo. I’m happy to have them as an advertiser because of course I still dearly love the product. For those that don’t know, it’s a very powerful (yet easy to use) online form builder.

You may have also noticed they sponsored the RSS feed for a few weeks there. I’m going to start doing that as there is demand for it. There are around 108,000 RSS readers, so if you want to run an ad in there, get in touch.

The latest edition of Appliness (“the first digital magazine for web application developers”) features an interview with me!