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Poll Results: What is your favorite CMS?

Published by Chris Coyier

WordPress was the clear winner in the most recent poll asking What is Your Favorite CMS?

I'm a bit surprised there weren't more people commenting that WordPress isn't really a CMS (which I disagree with). WordPress had more than twice the votes than its nearest competitor, the more "traditional" CMS, Drupal. Actually, Drupal and Joomla were neck and neck at the finish line which makes sense to me as the share much of the same functionality as I understand it.

In fourth place was "Other", and with it came lots and lots of suggestions! Here are the write-ins:

Typo3 (Apparently it's huge in Europe =))
Sava CMS (ColdFusion)
Umbraco (ASP.NET)
Radiant (Ruby on Rails)
Kentico (ASP.NET)
CMS Made Simple
Instant Update

Obviously there are lots of choices out there! No offense to the little guys of course, but when it comes to a CMS, there is something to be said for choosing a long-standing system with a good developer and support community.

Right after "Other" comes "I don't like any CMS". Then final last four are ExpressionEngine, TextPattern, Cushy CMS, and Moveable Type.

To be honest, the one I'd like to check out the most is ExpressionEngine. From what I've read from its hardcore supporters, it sounds very functional, well designed, and very designer friendly.

I'll leave the poll up for a little while longer then retire it to the polls page and come up with something else. Send in any ideas!


  1. EllisGL
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    No ModX?

  2. What about the Trapper Keeper binder? I’ve never been as organized as my junior year of high school.

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    Trapper Keeper? I prefer my little shiny folder with the Pink Power Ranger on the front!

  4. Chris
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    light and simple CMS

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    Chris, it seems as if we have some rounding error – all of the choices add up to 99%… ; )

    @EllisGL – MODx is on his write-ins list, is there another?

  6. Honestly, you should download the core version of Expression Engine and give it a whirl — it’s pretty spectacular. I’m almost positive I’m going to be using it for a client site (I may end up on WordPress, but I’m pushing for EE because it has some built in functions that I would rather not attempt to replicate with WP hacks) and it’s an absolute joy to use. My personal site is in WordPress, and as nice as it is, the functionality, especially from a design point of view, in EE is a LOT nicer.

    I just wish 2.0 would come out already (though I understand and ultimately agree that it should be released when it is ready and not before), the demo Ellis Lab showed at SXSW 2008 and on its website are pretty drool-worthy.

  7. Hi, looks like there is no one for SharePoint.
    Here an option:
    There is available a free trial…

  8. Matt
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    How many users submitted votes?

  9. Brian
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    I’m kind of surprised by those results. I guess some people don’t know what a CMS is, b/c WordPress is not a CMS. It’s a blogging engine. I’ve tried to hack WP for a couple sites and it’s just a pain in the arse. It’s custom fields are a sham and of no use to house any real content, and you can’t create relationships b/w entries. I’ll never use it again for a site.

    Drupal is not at all user friendly and they change their core/api every few months, so forget about upgrading any plugins you’ve installed b/c it’ll all break when you upgrade the core. Drupal is a CMS made by developers, for developers.

    ModX is ok. It’s templates/variables/chunks etc get confusing. If you’re thinking of using ModX, you might as well use Silverstripe b/c the admin interface is very similar, but SS has better support for custom code, and you extend it’s core to add new fields etc.

    Spend $100 on ExpressionEngine… you won’t regret it.

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    So here is my issue with expression engine.
    1. Its amazing and cool. for a designer / developer.
    2. clients hate it. You have to be too tech savey to under stand how to add and delete pages.

    In the few trial sites I set up, I spent more time tech supporting the average client on how to use it, than I did building the entire site.

    CMS made simple seems to be the most client friendly site I have yet to use. (Yes, I have tried many of these)

  11. PXLated
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    Matt – ExpressionEngine isn’t really page-based, it’s entry-based. Depending on how you set it up (there’s a multitude of ways), a new entry (content) just shows up as a new page. About the only difficult thing for a client might be setting up a completely new major section, especially if that requires a new template, but that’s a problem with most CMSs.

  12. I think the best one is Mambo,but you shouldn’t got it~~~
    That’s so easy to design my style template,and good compent,plugin,bot,etc,

    should we say the wordpress really is CMS?Thanks for your post,good~~~

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    E107 CMS with 25335 users is not listen? :(

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    WordPress = Blog platform, and not CMS. What’s the next Polls?, Best Framework, and including Joomla there?

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    re: brian – WordPress is a CMS. I have built many sites on it that were nothing closely related to blogs at all. It’s not that hard to do.

    And who were the 12% that love Joomla? Oye! Worst ever.

    Expression Engine is nice, but the price tag isn’t.

    I can’t believe only 1% voted for Movable Type! Yes it is a bit of a pain in the ass, but I love it – not as much as WordPress, but definitely a close runner up.

  16. no
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    u forgot SimplePHPBlog

  17. Benjamin
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    MediaSpan Online Services writes a very powerful CMS. Its tailored to the Publishing (Newspaper, Magazine, Alt Weekly) industry. Its my favorite. ;)

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    Whats about or ?
    Both nice and light and very client friendly!

  19. Donna
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    I also think highly of cmsfromscratch. When I just viewed the demo and the limited documentation, I wasn’t hopeful, but then I actually tried to use it, and it was SO easy, yet powerful and lightweight (no database involved). It’s awesome! As Adam said, it has a great client interface also.

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    I have installed and used Nucleus with good results. It parallels WordPressMU in many ways.

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    I’ve installed over a dozen different CMSs in the past 3 years. Mambo is behind the curve. Joomla is overly complicated, Drupal even more so. I’d recommend the latter 2 for people who are going to work on just one website in their lifetime (for pure content management).

    I’ll say it right here: MODx is amazing but it will never be very popular because it’s just too simple, and there is a heckuva lot to unlearn if you’re coming from another CMS background.

    But here’s why I love MODx: awesome URLs, extremely SEF features. If a client absolutely needs to be found in their locality, industry or both, I haven’t found another CMS that can match up to MODx.

    The front-end developers love it, and among them many admit that this is true: you’re limited only by your imagination.

    MODx 2 is in alpha and it makes the Joomla 1.0 to 1.5 look positively incremental. That’s to say that MODx is a completely different beast.

    A lot of the CMSs out there are file based. MODx is much more database-based and as such gives a developer a lot more flexibility. Again, the limit is just one’s imagination.

    And then there is FoxyCart+MODx. Can I tell you how nice it is to create a big to huge eCommerce website using just HTML + some SQL? MODx makes it possible to get simple to complicated eCommerce sites up in a few hours, thanks for FoxyCart.

  22. Hi, everybody. Nowadays I am work in a Portal for a government research center at my country (Mexico). They had used php-nuke as their favorite CMS for almost 10 years now, and they are not intended to change it. So, if I want to keep the job, I have no option, I need to learn how to use php-nuke.

    Can anybody give some opinions about this CMS? Some other thoughts? Thanks.

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    I am working in Mexico to :-) many people use Joomla or Mambo because there are sufficient information and instructions on the topic. I don’t think that you should be they compare these with WP. WP is not a CMS.

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    i love Drupal but i dont use any CMS
    for wordpress, it’s very complex

  25. lossy
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    When Modx Revolution and Evolution will be released, each and everyone will be able to see how much this CMS has understand how much it can be simple to setup very powerful website with absolutely no limit but the designer imagination.

    It’s clearly not the right choice to build a blog, but higly recommended to build real website. The comparison with Drupal, XP or Joomla show the superiority of the free Modx Platform.

    You should really have a look at this wonderful tool where web designers and web coders can work together as simply as shaking hands!

  26. Ira
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    I’ve used Mambo, Modx, Texpattern, and WordPress in the past (personal site built w/ WP) and I have to say ExpressionEngine just rocks. I discovered it a few months ago and it’s so designer-friendly it’s ridiculous. You don’t have to bend to a certain field type or page structure. The price in my humble opinion is completely worth it, plus you get real support if you need it!

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    I second Ira. Expression Engine is excellent. Very flexible and versatile, great support and very reasonable price.

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    For a long time I’m using Subdreamer ( and I’m really satisfied. It’s ridiculous how you can customize this CMS. I also use some great skins from (

  29. snoy
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    Sorry, but you can’t compare an enterprise CMS like Typo3 with WordPress.

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