Poll Results: What is your favorite CMS?

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WordPress was the clear winner in the most recent poll asking What is Your Favorite CMS?

I’m a bit surprised there weren’t more people commenting that WordPress isn’t really a CMS (which I disagree with). WordPress had more than twice the votes than its nearest competitor, the more “traditional” CMS, Drupal. Actually, Drupal and Joomla were neck and neck at the finish line which makes sense to me as the share much of the same functionality as I understand it.

In fourth place was “Other”, and with it came lots and lots of suggestions! Here are the write-ins:

Typo3 (Apparently it’s huge in Europe =))
Sava CMS (ColdFusion)
Umbraco (ASP.NET)
Radiant (Ruby on Rails)
Kentico (ASP.NET)
CMS Made Simple
Instant Update

Obviously there are lots of choices out there! No offense to the little guys of course, but when it comes to a CMS, there is something to be said for choosing a long-standing system with a good developer and support community.

Right after “Other” comes “I don’t like any CMS”. Then final last four are ExpressionEngine, TextPattern, Cushy CMS, and Moveable Type.

To be honest, the one I’d like to check out the most is ExpressionEngine. From what I’ve read from its hardcore supporters, it sounds very functional, well designed, and very designer friendly.

I’ll leave the poll up for a little while longer then retire it to the polls page and come up with something else. Send in any ideas!