Writing Better HTML & CSS (Slides from FOWA London)

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I’m just back from London where I spoke at the Future of Web Apps. My talk was titled, rather generically, Writing Better HTML & CSS. Slides pale in comparison to real talks, but I still like posting them in case there are some small useful bits:

It was a three-part talk. I started high-level talking about how Wufoo handles CSS, which is a topic I’d love to hear more people talking about (i.e. medium/large companies plan / approach / architecture when it comes to front end resources). Then I got mid-level talking about how we should write less specific and more gentle CSS selectors to make our lives easier by not fighting ourselves. Then I got all nuts-and-bolts by putting a modified version of my pseudo elements talk at the end.

Also, I embedded the slides above from Speaker Deck, a very nice and clean web app from the Ordered List team for sharing slides.