Why Ember?

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There was a time when I’d write React, Angular, and Ember as a kind of generic grouping of three major JavaScript frameworks. And maybe just because three is a nice number, that became React, Vue, and Angular over time, thanks to Vue having shot up in popularity over the years. Ember, in my view, has always been a bit of an underdog, but not because it isn’t actively developed, doesn’t offer a great modern web development story, or doesn’t have a strong community of super fans.

Melanie Sumner put together this splash page as a reminder to folks out there that Ember is still a compelling choice:

Ember is a JavaScript framework that provides everything you need to build a modern web application. While there are lots of reasons to use Ember, the number one reason is this: you’ll gain developer productivity by escaping the churn of the hype cycle.

I guess just because it was originally named Amber doesn’t mean it’s trapped in amber.

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